Dolcidea creazioni


Dolcidea creazioni

Mar 2017 518 Italy

Hello everyone! My name is Patrizia and I am Italian. I'm not a professional cake artist and I never did a school or specific decoration courses ... I learned everything by myself by following some tutorials to get started ... the rest made my passion for this wonderful world of sugar: ) I hope my cakes will like you! Thank you



Your work is so beautiful, you have a new follower

Cakes by Evička

Thank you for following, you make a beautiful cakes. New follower,too.

Sandra Smiley

Thank you for the follow! Your work is gorgeous and I am following you too.


Mamma mia, i tuoi lavori sono incredibilmente belli!
Felice di seguirti :)

il mondo di ielle

wow! wonderful cakes!!

Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

Hi Patrizia,a new follow from me for your incredible artistry,love your cakes.x

Iwona Sobejko

Amazing cakes,It’s my pleasure to follow you.

Penny Sue

Just spotted your cakes!! All very beautiful.. you now have a new follower


Dolcidea creazioni,I owe you a huge apology. I didn’t know it was yours, otherwise I would have to say thank you.