French patissier and cake designer, I specialize in fondant covered cakes and develop original recipes.
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Thank you for your support, Studio53! I am honored to be your first follow and to be your first follower! I am in love with the chocolate and green cake!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thanks Sandra ! It’s a greater honor for me !!

Joelle Trotter from Studio53

beautiful cakes!

il mondo di ielle

Thank you il mondo di ielle…!

Joelle Trotter from Studio53

Your work is so so so beautiful. New follow from me. :)

Heba Elalfy ***more photos at

Your work is amazing! Love the inventions cake! New follow from me!

Angel Cakes

Thank you Angel !

Joelle Trotter from Studio53

Thank you Studio53 for the lovely comment…Iam so honored!
Your work is so amazing.

Thanks @vanillabakery and @cakes by Arelys !

Joelle Trotter from Studio53

Beautiful Cakes. New follower. ;)

cakes and sweets by Šárka Finsterlová

Thanks Sarka finsterlova !

Joelle Trotter from Studio53

Congratulations on CDOTW… Such gorgeous creations 💕💕

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Thank you Calli ! It was a pleasant surprise indeed <3

Joelle Trotter from Studio53

Congratulations! Beautiful cakes

Ghada Elsehemy

Thank you Ghada elsehemy !

Joelle Trotter from Studio53

Glad I found you today! Such beautiful cakes! You have a new follower! ♥♥♥

Floralilie Sugar Art

Hi! Thank you so much for the follow and your support! You’re very talented and your work is outstanding and such a beautiful! 🌹

Thanks so so much for the follow!!! Love your work!<3


Thank you Floralilie, Ivon and Lallacakes for your sweet words ❤️

Joelle Trotter from Studio53