I have been doing cakes since 2008. I have been fortunate to attend the Wilton School in Darien, Ill for their Master's Course, Beyond Master's Course, 2 of Colette Peters' classes on fondant, one of Nicolas Lodge's classes on gum paste flowers, and one of Mark Seaman's (Chicago's "That Takes The Cake") gum paste flowers class. At the Wilton school I tried to make the most of my time, taking several classes while I was there (sugar art, basic and advanced fondant). I love to learn. My cakes are not the best they can be, sometimes due to lack of time and sometimes due to lack of skills/practice/knowledge/experience etc. I am always humbled and in awe of the wonderful cakes on this site and I hope to learn from everyone here. I welcome constructive criticism and any helpful tips I can get. Thank you!


Hi Laura!! Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Its lovely to meet you and am now following you so I don’t miss your beautiful cakes!! :-) x

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Thank you Elli! How sweet of you! I’m hoping to learn amazing things from talented people like yourself. Please feel free to make suggestions to help me along the way! I appreciate your time and feedback :)


Hi Laura! Nice cakes!

il mondo di ielle

Hi Laura, I am a new follower now. You made such a wise comment on my post, so I have just checked out you cakes. I am very impressed. Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity! Love Lorene

Fancy Fondant WA

You are so sweet Lorene! Thank you so much!