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Warren's Produce Stand

This was made for a customer’s step father, who was celebrating his 90th birthday. The grass is buttercream but the fruit & vegetables were shaped by hand from fondant. The watermelons were colored with regular green gel and a little sponge. The top of the stand was made with paper on my Cricut, which I have come to LOVE for little things like this. When Warren saw this cake, he cried! How sweet!

-- Laura

fondant paper buttercream fondant shaping tools fruit vegetables vegetable garden produce stand



Looks fabulous! Isn’t the best reaction ever! :-)

Calli Creations

What a lovely story. Bless him. I’m not surprised, it’s so well done

Elli Warren

Its adorable!! Love the details, i’m nor surprised he loved it!! :-) x


so cute

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Warren's Produce Stand