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So who are you making cakes for nowadays?

With the onset of corona shutdown world wide, I’m just wondering if there is still anyone out there making and delivering real cakes. The 11 month b’day cake that I made for my grandson will probably stay boxed up in the freezer. (Yes, boxed up and in a nylon bag on the outside, they survive and defrost well even when there are decorations already on the cake.) Since grandchildren are not supposed to come in contact with grandparents, this cake will just have to wait for better days … hopefully before his 1st birthday. Do any of you who sell still have customers? Good health and fortitude to all!!

The Garden Baker

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Hi my dear friend!
Glad to know you’re fine 😊
I have to make a cake for April 6, but I think my friend will not come to pick it up.
So I’m decorating it just for fun, making the thing I like the most.
Take care of yourself and stay safe at home. ❤️


Dear Clara, stay strong. We will get past this and then we’ll all make hundreds of cakes :) I must add that seeing your lovely smile is so very encouraging :)
Stay safe!

The Garden Baker

I’m just a hobby baker. I don’t have any bday celebration cakes until May. I belong to several fb cake decorating pages. I have read over and over about the many cancellations of cakes. Especially current weddings this month, and into April. I feel badly for the decorators, and for the couples who have planned for months for this special day. 😢

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Hi,I bake everyday loaf cakes and decorated cookies for a couple of local cafes. One has cancelled their order and the other is just serving from a hatch and I’ve just baked a half order for them. I have only one celebration cake on order and my friend’s who should have got married at the weekend have postponed until October,which led to me splitting the three tier cake that I’d made them and giving it away. Fingers crossed this passes quickly without too much damage to our small businesses.x

Florida seems to be shut down pretty much! I am in Orlando, and I have had 8 weddings to be postponed. All of my weddings last weekend were re-scheduled, as well as this week and next. However, we are booking for private taste testings and that is going well.
We had a couple whom’s venue called them Friday to say they could not have their wedding the next day!! They were in tears as we both had been speaking with their venue for weeks! I was in the middle of making their cake anyway….so, I delivered 2 hours away, a mini wedding cake for them.
God has blessed us and this will pass. I wish all much health, love and blessings!


In India we started shut down from 22 Nd march,no one is supposed n win contact,making cakes and gum paste flowers for practise.Pretty much all biz s are on standstill 🙂

Hi, like June (“Clarky’s Cakes”) I am a hobby baker. Was going to bake a cake for my BFF’s birthday on March 26 but that came and went without a cake! My other BFF’s birthday is coming up in April and I’m afraid that’s going to have to wait as well! When this is all over we’re going to have one big celebration! Take care! Philippians 4:6,7.


We are in lockdown in UK. Had to cancel a couple of orders for May. I like making figurines and this is what I am doing while I am home bound! Stay strong everyone, it will pass and things will get back to normal. Though I am not sure we are ever going to be the same after this. I hope this pandemic has been a wake up call to all of us and the best of us can come out for rebuilding our future. X

Ele Lancaster