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After airbrushing the cake, the color became darker after a while and started sticking on everything that touches the cakes…even hands and everything..Can somebody suggest a way to fix this?

I am new to cake decorating and airbrushing…here is my first attempt with airbrush..

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maybe try letting the paint dry completely in a cool dry place overnight? Also, what brand of coloring are you using?

Chef Nicky - The White Ombre (Singapore) - -

Thank you for your reply…I used Americolor super red for that cake in the pic and dried it over night…does the fondant has to be dried before airbrushing?

Not an expert but, first, double-check that you are using the airbrush color rather than thinned gel color. Also, if you start with white then try to paint it red you’re going to need a lot of paint. That might be what caused the problem. Pretty cake, though!

I was looking at the bottle and it says for airbrush…but its liquidy..may be thats the problem..I don’t know but may will try to find a different paint I guess..

you’re using the right kind of coloring.

It’s usually better to spray several thin coats of color and let each layer dry. Build up to the shade that you want. If you try to color a very deep color all at once, it’s gonna take a very long time to dry. Also check that your ambient humidity is not too high, the air needs to be dry or else the color won’t dry, an air conditioned room is the best solution for this.

Also, as 3DSweets correctly pointed out, if you’re trying to paint white fondant red (or any other deep shade of color), that’s A LOT of coloring… You should consider kneading a gel color into the fondant instead or buy ready colored fondant. If you still need the airbrushed look instead of a solid color, you can still go over once or twice with the air brush to get that look after, but only in thin layers.

Chef Nicky - The White Ombre (Singapore) - -

Thank you really so much..I will try what you said next time and will sent u the results…

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