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want to start a bussiness how to price ???

hi everyone i was making cakes as hobby and iwant to start my bussiness and i have no idea how to price o please help me
thank you

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Hi, that is the million $ question. We all go through growing pains when it comes to knowing how much to charge!

There are many factors involved in the process. The first thing you need to know is the cost of producing the goods – try your best to figure out how much it costs you to make a cake, cupcakes, cookies or whatever you’d like to sell – don’t forget to include the time you spend baking and decorating and the supplies you use like fondant. You must charge enough to cover your costs and make a profit – otherwise, you are working for free.

I also suggest you call around the different bakeries to see how much they charge for similar products – this should give you a basic idea of what people are willing to pay. Remember that you are creating custom cakes, which is a different product from the cakes your clients may find at Costco, Publix or Wall-Mart. If they give you a hard time about your prices – these are not the clients you want!

As we start a cake business, we are very eager to sell and yes, for the most part we are unsure of our ability, so we under-price our work. Once you get into the habit of charging less than the going pork, it will be very difficult to bring your prices up.

To make it easier on yourself, you can either price your cake by its size (8", 10", 12") or by the number of servings, which is what most bakers do. Either way, have a price list ready. Best of luck and hope this helped out some.

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Dolores gave some powerful insight. I will emphasize her point on starting with low prices that are too low. The problem with this is that once you’ve had a few happy clients and they start referring you to their friends and they too, will want to be charged the same price. It’s a tough cycle to get out of afterward.

Best wishes on your business,
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Pricing your products or services appropriately is crucial for the success of your business. To determine the right pricing strategy, you need to consider several factors such as your costs, competitors' prices, perceived value, and target market. Conduct thorough market research to understand what similar  Luxury brand products  or services are priced at and how your offering compares in terms of quality and uniqueness. Then, calculate your costs, including production, materials, labor, overhead, and any other expenses. Factor in your desired profit margin and consider any discounts or promotions you plan to offer. Finally, test different price points and gather feedback from customers to fine-tune your pricing strategy over time. Remember, pricing is not set in stone and may need adjustment as your business evolves and market conditions change.