Hi All. For those of you who create video tutorials of your work, what software do you use to edit your videos? And how do you go about speeding up sections of your video and cutting from one place to another. I was thinking of having a go, but no idea where to begin and have never edited anything before. So any help much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

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Creating videos involves a multi-step process that blends creativity with technical skills. It begins with pre-production, where you plan the video's concept, script, storyboard, and gather necessary resources. During production, you capture the footage using cameras and other recording equipment, paying attention to lighting, sound, and framing to ensure high-quality visuals and audio. Post-production involves editing the footage, adding effects, transitions, and audio elements like music or voiceovers  dude theft auto mod apk  using video editing software. Finally, you export the finished product in the desired format and resolution, ready for distribution on platforms like YouTube, social media, or for presentations. Effective video creation requires attention to detail, a clear vision, and proficiency in using video production tools.