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My Business Dilemma


The name of my cake decorating business is Cakes By Kerry. Overtime, I found myself wanting to do more. Apart from cakes, I sell gumpaste flowers. In light of this, I want to expand as time goes by in the following areas:

  • Gumpaste flowers
  • Gumpaste figures
  • Start a Youtube channel with tutorials ranging from gumpaste flowers, cakes etc
  • A blog
  • Launch products that will help solve a need for fellow cake decorators

Yes, I know this sounds like much, but I’m passionate about the craft. As a result, I see a need for a change of my business name etc. I see the change from an angle of enhancing my ‘business brand.’

I have an idea of names something along the line of Sugar. However, when it comes to Social media presence such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc. I want everything to flow – no conflict.

For instance, I will be targeting two sets of clients/audience:

My cakes ( normal household persons and corporate clients)
My tutorials, gumpaste flowers, gumpaste figures (fellow cake decorators)
My blog (both audiences)

So when the various ventures are done on for example via Facebook, I want to maintain a professional presence with no conflict.

Any suggestions will be appreciated as the services I will be offering targets two audiences. How can I streamline?


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What about…. Kerry’s Kreative Kreations. Or Kerry’s Krafted Kreations. Something along those lines. Basically stating you create, not just cakes.

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

I like June’s suggestions, but I would shorten it to “Kerry’s Creations” without mis spelling the “creations”. I used to be an English teacher and purposely misspelled words drive me batty :)

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