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The Garden Baker

sugar sheet question 8

I’ve never made a sugar sheet before and would appreciate some help / info from those of you who know: After the sugar sheet has been prepared and placed on the cake, can the cake with the sugar sheet on it be stored in a box in the freezer? In...



Hola, mi nombre es Mirian de Naranjito, Guayas, Ecuador. No soy experta en decoración, pero hago lo que puedo, trato de superarme dia a día aprendiendo nuevas tendencias. Me gustaría aprender cake designer y todo lo exista en decoración 😍 😘

new member 4

Hi I’m Michelle from UK. i got drawn to this site while looking at an elegant cake from this website. i hope to learn more techniques and ideas. the talents on this website is amazing.

Moist Vanilla Cake 5

Hello bakers, I have been looking for a moist vanilla cake! The one I have always gets too dry and I have to pit lots of syrup on it. One that’s good with buttercream and can handle the weight of fondant for decorations and cover. Thanks

The Garden Baker

yet another sugar sheet question 6

I have pretty much decided that I would attach a partial sugar sheet to the part of the cake that would be a dummy cake so that I could do that part in advance. I’m wondering if ants might be attracted to a dry sugar sheet since this part might...

Recreate Wedding Cake 3

Hello, I am going to recreate this style of wedding cake (see photo) for a friend’s 50 yr anniversary. How would you recommend making the wings on the sides? It should not be a very hot day, no more than 70, likely 60s. The cake will be...

designed by mani

Cake decorator of the week 8

I’m overwhelmed and honored to receive the awesome news! Glad to be a part of among friendly and very talented group of artists. Thank you Cakes Decor team!

what and how these flowers/decorations are made? 5

Hi, I would be very grateful if someone could share their knowledge as how these flowers are made? THank you

Aleja Jijón

Soy nueva en el grupo 10

Hola a todos.. Mi nombre es Aleja Jijón es un gusto formar parte de este grupo.. Espero les gusten mis pasteles y si puedo ayudar en algo aquí estaré 😘😘


Cake Decorator of the week. 22

I received an email on Sunday that I read only today and at first thought it was a scam. Am I the cake decorator of the week? It can only be a misunderstanding or a mistake. Even now, I have a hard time believing, I had to read four times to...

Help please 4

Anyone know what the things are highlighted in my photo? Our normal cake baker is not feeling well and can’t make my daughters cake. I ordered a Publix cake but she wants me to make it look like this photo. Is this just an icing melt that they...


You're invited to join my private facebook group 0

Hi everyone! I just created a private facebook group where we, as bakers and cake decorators, can share and learn new recipes, techniques, and tips! Facebook groups are great to help each other out during cake struggles! I really hope you...

Ganache airbrushing HELP! 1

I’m going to airbrush a oil based colour to my white chocolate ganache but what PSI should I set my compressor at?

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Airbrushing on Ganache 18

Hi fellow cakers!…. Im making a white ganache drip cake this week and was wondering the best way to colour my white ganache pink? Should i colour the cream pink while im making my ganache, or can i ganache the cake in white first, then airbrush...

Noha Sami

Need an advice 0

Hello everyone My name is Noha and I am from Egypt. Need to know how to use the raw (powder) Isomalt to have the final look which will be used as a cake topper decorations. Thanks in advance

Swiss meringue buttercream help please! 1

Hi guys, So it was my first time making a SMBC. It tasted good but a little bit buttery. My problem is that it was too soft despite being smooth. I placed the bowl in the fridge for 20mins but still the same. It holds its shape fairly well but...

Shell at Spotty Cake Tin

Global Isolation Group 0

Hey Everyone We have a fantastic global isolation group on facebook to keep our cake artists safe and entertained during lockdown from Covid. Come along and Join our group. If you are an artist who loves to demonstrate and teach, this is...

Course 4

Any on can help me for any online courses to teach me professional cake design

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Cake Designing/Sketching Software? 11

Does anyone know of a good cake designing software for pc’s for computer illiterate people like myself? Something easy to draw with? thank you!