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3 most unusual facts about you!

As we are on a roll with finding out more about each other. This one can be fun….

State 3 unusual facts about yourself: -

Here I go…

1. I used to love watching horror movies but cant watch them now???!…(big wuss!)
2. Im left-handed but can use my right
3. I always want the world to be fair but find it difficult to accept its not.

Lets here about you! Xx

Zoe @ sweet foxylicious x

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Zoe, I will have to go away and think about this… I don’t feel unusual today!
I love your #3. Totally agree, although I have learn’t to fully appreciate the best things in my life… and not dwell on the rest!
Have a great day! ♥♥♥


Back again…
I missed out on having a “midlife crisis”.
My husband called it a “midlife excitement”.
When I was 40 my mother-in-law had a massive stroke, so I decided it was time to cross some things off my “bucket list”!
I did a shark dive, went abseiling, skydiving and took up surfing! ♥♥♥


Wow what a number of things to cross off. Thank you for sharing. Great to know more about you hun x

Zoe @ sweet foxylicious x

interesting topic!! hmmmmmm… unusual facts…
1. I had never even seen fondant up close until Dec 2011 when I tried something special for my son’s 2nd birthday
2. I’m usually up for anything and like to take advantage of making memories (went swimming with dolphins, and let them give me a great big kiss on the lips – took a zip line down the side of a volcano, 500 ft off the ground)
3. I can’t draw or paint to save my life – unless its on cake. I’m always embarrassed to do cake sketches for clients because they look like my 4 year old helped draw them!!

Krystle Murray, Owner-Operator of Dessert by Design - -

Not as easy as it sounds ;o)
1, I failed cooking and art at school, lol! (like krystal, I can only draw on cakes and go into panic mode if someone asks for a sketch)
2, I have an emptiness in me, I feel like there is so much more to do/achieve from my life. So last year I signed up for an Anthony Robbins seminar & am now looking forward to 2 more next year. (they really have changed my life!) So exciting!! :o)
3, I LOVE horror films and am desperate to do a REALLY gory cake but worry about scaring my customers away.
:o) x

Sarah (We R Cakes)

You guys are all coming up with such interesting tidbits!
Zoe, I agree with your #3, even at my age (41) I’m still surprised and disappointed when the world turns out to be so unfair. But it’s better to be hopeful than cynical I guess :)
Jullez, those are some amazingly brave accomplishments! I’m impressed :)
Krystle, I also can’t draw to save my life. I wish I did, it would certainly come in handy!
Sarah, I relate A LOT to your #2 and often feel a sense of panic that my life is passing by too quickly and that I will not get the chance achieve/accomplish what I would like.

As for me, I’ve given it some thought, so I’ll have a go at this and hope I’ve come up with something interesting…

1. In my younger years, I was a huge hard rock fan, used to sing in a band and owned a pink electric guitar. This is apparently very shocking to people who know me now and who see me as quiet, shy, prim and proper….
2. When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I went back to university to do some graduate studies and ended up writing my final exam on my due date (and a second exam the day after my due date). My husband was waiting in the wings both times to take me to the hospital in case I went into labour…lol
3. I’ve never watched a horror movie in my entire life, but have somehow become hopelessly obsessed with the show “The Walking Dead”.

And as one last random tidbit – I have an unusual ability that apparently only 15% of the population can do – I can wiggle my ears… ! :) xx


Love number 3 krystle! Xx

Zoe @ sweet foxylicious x

Sarah go for number 3!! X

Zoe @ sweet foxylicious x

Mira im loving all your facts! Love the last one especially!!

Well done to all for sharing, its so fun and interesting xx

Zoe @ sweet foxylicious x