re: 3 most unusual facts about you!

You guys are all coming up with such interesting tidbits!
Zoe, I agree with your #3, even at my age (41) I’m still surprised and disappointed when the world turns out to be so unfair. But it’s better to be hopeful than cynical I guess :)
Jullez, those are some amazingly brave accomplishments! I’m impressed :)
Krystle, I also can’t draw to save my life. I wish I did, it would certainly come in handy!
Sarah, I relate A LOT to your #2 and often feel a sense of panic that my life is passing by too quickly and that I will not get the chance achieve/accomplish what I would like.

As for me, I’ve given it some thought, so I’ll have a go at this and hope I’ve come up with something interesting…

1. In my younger years, I was a huge hard rock fan, used to sing in a band and owned a pink electric guitar. This is apparently very shocking to people who know me now and who see me as quiet, shy, prim and proper….
2. When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I went back to university to do some graduate studies and ended up writing my final exam on my due date (and a second exam the day after my due date). My husband was waiting in the wings both times to take me to the hospital in case I went into labour…lol
3. I’ve never watched a horror movie in my entire life, but have somehow become hopelessly obsessed with the show “The Walking Dead”.

And as one last random tidbit – I have an unusual ability that apparently only 15% of the population can do – I can wiggle my ears… ! :) xx