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Felis Toporascu

Cake Decorator Of The Week 27

I am very honored to be Cake Decorator Of The Week. Because of the lack of time I have not posted too much of our tortures but I promise to return. Have a wonderful week with all the things you do. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

MelsEasyCake 0

Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting 9

I am doing my first groom’s cake. The groom wants a three tiered cake! He also wants a red velvet cake but the idea of using cream cheese frosting in South Louisiana in June scares me to death. He wants the cake with frosting and fondant...


Cake Decorator Of The Week 27

It is an honor for me to be the decorator of the week. Thank you for your support and trust.

Cake decorating give away 2

I would love to win the prize all the items are useful especially the stay fresh board which I don’t have My latest cake is my dads 85th birthday with the poppy flower which I made

Cakeeeee 3

Hey all, going to make a pig cake for my friends birthday!!! Any tips or tricks?? I’m going to make it look similar to the one attached (IMAGE FROM GOOGLE) Love to you all x

New to Cake Decor! Check out my themed Peaky Blinders Cake :) 3

Hi, fellow decorators! It’s my first time posting one of my cakes on this forum! I would love to get some helpful opinions and feedback on my most recent themed Peaky Blinders cake. I created a webpage for a school project that highlights the...

Which icing? 3

Which icing is most suitable for this effect? Thanks!!

Sultana Rajia Naznin

New member 1

Hello everyone I am a new member at this forum.

HELP!! Need some advice and input 4

Hi I am having to do my cousin’s wedding cake and she has switched up the idea on me. She now wants this type of cake (see picture). Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the icing to look like that?


Help with dairy free eggless cake recipe 14

My great nephew has a number of food allergies. I will be making a cake for his 1st birthday and was hoping someone can help me with a cake recipe and also a frosting that contains no eggs or dairy. Would appreciate any help.

Melanie Mangrum

Painting on SMBC, need advice 0

I’m a semi-retired Baker/decorator. Things change fast in the decorator world! I’ve been seeing lots of flowers painted on bc cakes. They look beautiful and I’m confident in my ability to do it, but what I’m wondering, if I paint beautiful...

Do you deliver wedding cakes anywhere in London ? 1

Do you deliver wedding cakes anywhere in London ?

Tomahawk steak cake 2

This was for a father’s 50th birthday. The steak is made of chocolate cake with a fudge filling, buttercream icing and covered in fondant. The bone is gum paste as are the vegetables – potatoes, asparagus, and mushrooms. The wooden board is...

Help!! My tip keeps sliding off pastry bag 6

Hi! I have Wilton rose tip and Wilton pastry bags. I size the hole in the pastry bag so that is is SUPER tight against the tip, yet when I press the icing out of the tip, the tip will go right with it, opening my pastry whole a lot larger. ...

Intricate pattern in fondant 2

I have to cut out the LSU eyes of the tiger (see attached image) to put on white cake. I am cutting the black sections out purple fondant and the gold out of gold fondant. I am having difficulty getting clean cuts and getting the pattern to...

Buttercream Icing with Cream Cheese Filling - How long can it stay at room temp? 2

I have a groom’s cake that was iced with cream cheese flavored buttercream, but filled with real cream cheese filling. How long can it safely stay out at room temperature? The recipe I used is this: 8 oz cream cheese 1/2 cup butter 4 cups...

Advice for Storing Fondant 3

Hello Those-In-The-Know! I’ve been asked to make a Dorothy the Dinosaur topper, which they want to use in a couple of months and I can’t make it sooner to the date. For figures that aren’t going to be eaten, I would suggest storing in a box in a...