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HELP! This new format is not letting me upload pictures! I can upload it but when I try to submit it,  it gives me a red alert telling me that the picture section can't be blank. I've tried almost everything and it acts like I haven't uploaded a picture. It's not recognizing the upload! Has anyone had this problem?


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I have not tried to submit a picture so far... But in my humble opinion, I liked the previous format better than the present one! Cheers!
I haven’t uploaded for awhile. But I didn’t have any difficulties when I did. Where are you trying to upload from? I only upload from my Apple iPad. So perhaps that’s the issue?? I just see now your cake posted now. But strangely, when I went to go look at your cake, it disappeared??

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Yes I’ve encountered the same problem and sent a message to the admin until they approved my post and participation most probably he will send you another link to post on


Hi Julia, uploading didn't change in the new format. I see that you added a new cake today. So does it work for you now? Thanks.

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Thank you all for your replys. Mona sameh hamdi that is going to be my next step. 
Martin Sojka i was able to up load the picture on my iphone, but I still can't upload pictures on my laptop.


Martin I'm still trying to upload pictures on my laptop and  still when I push the submit buttons it does not recognize the upload because it shows me a red alert telling me the picture space can't be blank. I've even tried making the picture smaller with no success.