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Enjoy your time on CakesDecor ;)


Hi Martin! The ‘silent’ partner! Thanks also for all your hard work :)

Mel, Yorkshire,

Hello Martin… Just thought to drop by and say hello since Michal introduced :-)
Thanks for everything!!

Dina @ miettes,

Hello Martin! Thank you for your work… I love this community!

Barbara @Sweet Janis, http:/

Hi Martin, I have already left a message on the forum topic so a few lines to say thanks again to you and Michal for all the hard work!!! As you might have guessed we all love CakesDecor so the work you and Michal put into this sit to make it nicer and better is really appreciated!!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Hi Martin! Nice to meet you! Thank you so much for all of the hard work you and Michal do for Cakes Decor!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Hi Martin!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!! It’s truly appreciated!!! xxx

CUPCAKES & DREAMS My facebook:

Thanks! BTW… I’m not that silent :)))

Martin, Maker of CakesDecor

waving to Magic Martin :) thank you! xx

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