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Anabela Candreva


🦁👑 THE LION KING 👑🦁 🍃 It is the film that marked my childhood, and who knows, if I owe some of what I am today to the hundreds of times I saw the film about the king of the jungle when I was 8-9 years old. Those of us who were born in the...

My birthday cake 6

Hi this is my birthday cake

Tiziana Cardillo

Tiziana Cardillo 1

Hi, I’m Tiziana and I’m an employee with a great passion for cake design, in life I’ve always loved every form of art and since I discovered sugar paste I can’t do without it anymore. I want to show you my latest creation dedicated to the Venice...


Thank you CakesDecor 4

Hello…I am so happy!!! 😊 and excited !!! Thank you CakesDecor for choosing my little white piano on the top 3, I can not stop smiling. I will share the good news with my special friend who was it made for, this is great!!!.❤

Stylish baking

Stabilized whipped cream or Buttercream 4

Hi everyone hope your all well. I have a few questions: 1. Is it ok to ice a cake with stabilized Whipped cream when selling cakes to customers etc as I find it alot lighter and less sweet 2. Is it ok to fill a cake with whipped cream and...

The Garden Baker

Attention tech people: Cake Pics don't show up 23

There seems to be a site problem. The cake photos don’t show, not on the general board and not when they are clicked on.

Sugar figures 2

Hi everyone, Please suggest how to keep sugar figures dry in humid season. TIA

Icing SOS 3

I need some Icing advice please (and am a complete cake decorating novice!!) I’m making a Christmas cake for my dad and want it to look pretty and snowy with little gingerbread houses around the sides and ‘peaks’ of snow on top. Normally when I...

il mondo di ielle

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Mel Loney


Hello Hello Everyone! My name is Mel Loney I am a studio artist current working on my MFA in Sculpture for the University of Arkansas. This past semester I began making work exploring the remains of my late grandma’s cake-baking business. She...

Airbrush paint help. 4

Hi there I’m looking for some advice. I recently tried using the sugar flair rose gold glitter airbrush paint. But my gun clogs immediately!! I’ve tried with 0.1 0.2 and 0.5 needle/nozzles, every combo of pressure/trigger combos…..and I’m all...

Advice needed for decoration 1

Hi all! I am making a strongbow can cake for a friend, and feel (fairly) confident about achieving this aspect, but I saw one on here which had two arrows, like what feature on the strongbow adverts, coming out at an angle from the cake board...

The Garden Baker

sugar sheet question 8

I’ve never made a sugar sheet before and would appreciate some help / info from those of you who know: After the sugar sheet has been prepared and placed on the cake, can the cake with the sugar sheet on it be stored in a box in the freezer? In...



Hola, mi nombre es Mirian de Naranjito, Guayas, Ecuador. No soy experta en decoración, pero hago lo que puedo, trato de superarme dia a día aprendiendo nuevas tendencias. Me gustaría aprender cake designer y todo lo exista en decoración 😍 😘

new member 4

Hi I’m Michelle from UK. i got drawn to this site while looking at an elegant cake from this website. i hope to learn more techniques and ideas. the talents on this website is amazing.

Moist Vanilla Cake 5

Hello bakers, I have been looking for a moist vanilla cake! The one I have always gets too dry and I have to pit lots of syrup on it. One that’s good with buttercream and can handle the weight of fondant for decorations and cover. Thanks

The Garden Baker

yet another sugar sheet question 6

I have pretty much decided that I would attach a partial sugar sheet to the part of the cake that would be a dummy cake so that I could do that part in advance. I’m wondering if ants might be attracted to a dry sugar sheet since this part might...