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Hi all,
I have a question. What buttercream do you use for adult parties??
I only like to use regular buttercream for children’s parties, etc. I feel the frosting is not “mature” enough, if that makes sense. We do go to grocery stores, etc and purchase cakes with regular buttercream so I guess that’s normal. But for weddings most bakers use Swiss meringue. Just curious If there’s a difference for most of you.


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My personal favorite is cream cheese frosting. I do like white chocolate SMB, but I also like 7 minute frosting and ABC. I guess I like them all, depending upon the cake flavors used.

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I use Italian meringue buttercream or chocolate ganache on most of my cakes. I feel american buttercream is too sweet and either greasy or gritty. But I think children prefer it over Italian or Swiss meringue and I have to admit I generally like most bakery cakes buttercream.


I use ermine or cooked flour buttercream. The taste is milder, less sweet (more mature??) and not at all gritty like American buttercream. It also contains no eggs if that is what you prefer.

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I think kids tend to like the sweeter American buttercream, while adults prefer the less sweet, smoother Italian or Swiss meringue buttercreams.


I am not crazy about buttercream made with all shortening, which the weather sometimes dictates, because of the mouth feel, but I do enjoy American Buttercream made with real butter and I don’t recall ever making a batch that was gritty.

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I don’t make a different icing for children as I do for adults. My fav’s are…Cooked flour icing, as The Garden Baker posted, not overly sweet, lovely flavour and tastes like smbc without all the extra work. SMBC, for special cakes. All butter buttercream. (That’s my daughter’s favourite)

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I use the standard Swiss buttercream for all my projects unless the customer asks for something different. I think when you have a business… you go with what your customers are interested in. I don’t make it any different for the kids.

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I use SMBC for most of my cakes regardless if it is for children or adult parties. The recipe I use has much less sugar than the normal ratio. I sometimes use Ermine frosting or chocolate ganache.

I either use dark chocolate ganache or smbc for my more grown up cakes. When it comes to the kids I’ll whip up some easy all butter American buttercream and add chocolate to it if that’s the flavour request. I find kids don’t like the dark ganache so much. White choc ganache on the other hand is a good one for both kids and adults!

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My two cents, a day late, dollar short. I use American Buttercream on all my cakes, wedding cakes included. (It’s what I was trained in) I live in a very hot and humid climate where the humidity can be over 80%, all summer long. I’ve developed my recipe to be a blend between Wilton’s High Humidity Buttercream and Sugar Shack’s buttercream recipe. (I use have butter, half crisco) I love watching Joshua John Russel on Man About Cake (youtube) and recently looked at his chocolate buttercream recipe. It’s an all butter buttercream which makes the icing set nicely in the fridge however, I don’t think it will crust. I don’t think you can use the Viva Paper Towel Method (which I do on all my cakes) That’s my two cents worth.

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