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Hi everyone! 
I just had a quick question regarding buttercream. 

I’ve tried making buttercream on numerous occasions now but when I go to put it on the cake there’s so many air bubbles that I can’t make it smooth. I’ve tried mixing it for less time and that has helped a little but there are still air bubbles. I’m not sure what to do about it. 

Please helppo

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use a hot spatula to smooth out the bubbles. heat it in hot water wipe dry or heat it with your blow dryer, it works ! that's what I use!

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Bonjour incorporer votre beurre avec la feuille de votre robot pour éviter d'incorporer trop d'air d'où les bulles dans votre crème 😊
Just stir well with the spatual before usage and don’t whip it with mixer to avoid incorporating more air