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FREE MONTHLY MAGAZINE 'We love pastry' March 2022

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Download your FREE March issue which is bursting with beautiful tutorials by very talented artists from around the globe. Enjoy reading interesting interviews and blogs. And check out the creations made by all of YOU. Enjoy
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Easter Bunny Mug Cake tutorial by Sweet Janis by Barbara Luraschi
Squirrel Buddies Cake tutorial by Arianna Sperandio - SUGAR ART
Easter Bunny Cookie tutorial by Radiki's Cakes
Koi Pond Cake tutorial by Shereen's Cakes & Bakes
Best Friends modelling tutorial by Anna Rosa Maggio cake design by Bake it 
Easter Daffodis tutorial by Benny's cakes
Easter Bunny modelling video tutorial by Dionis Iarovoi 
Sweet Buns pastry tutorial by Bake it
Spring Kiss tutorial By Pepper Posh - Sugar Artist 
Mini tutorial by Sweet Sugar Makes
Meet January's winner and win products worth £50
Read With Cake - an interview with Sticky Sponge
WOW Cake by Kristine Mohan - Check Out How It's Been Done 
Sweet Pastry Chat with Carol Smith aka Cakes By Carol - Supreme Food Flavourings
Cake & Coffee With Cake Garden
You made these - and we love them - inspirations that cannot be missed
Check out what Dionis Iarovoi prepared for his next live demonstration
Meet Our Monthly Winner - Ellen Marie Baker
A date with nature - International Cake Collaboration by RB Sudha 
World Cancer Day Collaboration by Catalina Anghel 
Join Cake for Heros
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So beautiful creations! 

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