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Hello everyone!

I am so happy to announce you a new feature on Cakes Decor!

Thank you Martin for all your hard work for making this becoming reality!

I just started to build my tiny sugar flowers lovers group on Cake Decor, and it will be a fabulous place to learn, share and enjoy , full of information and free demos, tips and tricks and short tutorials..

My own world open to all of you, where the passion for the sugar flowers is the main subject.

Grab your tools and join me in this new adventure!

Huge sweet hugs

Catalina Anghel

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I just joined, Catalina! Your chestnut is beautiful and I can’t wait to give it a try!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

It’s awesome! Hope to see more groups coming alive soon…

Martin, Maker of CakesDecor

So glad you like it, Sandra! This week I´ll add a new one and also some new tips :) Hope you are enjoying the group and like the idea <3

Catalina Anghel

Great work Catalina! I will try the chestnut tutorial one day, I’m very much a beginner in this space but your work inspires me to step up my game.
-Sam from editor at

Teruoflemi, I’m glad you like the idea! It is something east and beginners level, so you’ll not have problems making it. Anyway, if you need help just write in the group and I’ll be there to help you 😊❤️
Big hugs and enjoy!

Catalina Anghel

All your sugar flowers are awesome! I will be a part of this group. In the instructions of the chestnut sheets, she captured me soaking finished parts into alcohol, gaining a beautiful shine! Thank you warmly behind the tutorial. 💖

Dáša Krettová

I am glad you liked the tutorial Daphne. Will add soon a new one and hope you will enjoy it also.

Catalina Anghel

Fantastic job! I am really impressed!

Senior Branв Manager

Big thanks Jeniferlow ❤️🙏

Catalina Anghel

Just saw your new group dear friend, and joined right away. Looking forward to all your beautiful designs and flowers xx

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