Hello Simrin! Thanks for the follow. I bet you’re well travelled being a flight attending! I think you are like most of us starting cake decorating for your own children! It is addictive isn’t it! I’m going to pop over and have a sqizzy at your cakes and return the follow! Kath :-)


aww Kath u are so so sweet …thank u so much for visiting my page and for yr lovely comments

Fifi's Cakes

How lovely to meet you and read your story of you started with Liam’s cake! Your work is beautiful and individual x


oh Fiona ….your visit and your comment means the world to me …thank you


Hi Simrin! Your cakes are just so beautiful! You give so much attention to detail and great execution! An honour to be your follower!


thank you so much Maggie ..I feel the same about you …saw your cake and fell in love ….I used to live in Hongkong for so many years and so it feels even more special to me …your work is outstanding xxxx

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Hi Simrin! Thank you for the follow and for the compliments on my cakes! Love your work as well, and happy to be your new follower :) xx


thank u so much dear Mira 😊

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Hi Sim
Thank you do much for the follow and lovely comments. I love your cakes too, especially the Holland themed cake. Will look forward to seeing more of your cake creations. Love from Roo xx


thank you Roo (Linda ?) 😊xxxxxxx


I’m already a Facebook fan,but now I’m following you here as well :). I love your work! ~April


Thank you dear April xxx

Cake Decor in Cairns

Lovely to meet you Simrin xoxo

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An absolute fan of your work!


oh Zelda coming from you Im hugely humbled …..the feeling is completely mutual xxxxx

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Hi Simrin, thanks for the follow, sending one your way too, happy you found me here :)


thank u so much dear Selma xxx

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Thanks for the follow Simrin, I have also liked your lovely page on FB xx

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Hi Simrin, now I’m your newest follower! xx


hiya Cheryl ….big hugs …so honoured to have u here 😊

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Hi Simrin and thank you for popping by and leaving such lovely comments – so kind of you! :-) x



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hello thanks so much for the follow xxx



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Hi Simrin…beautiful cakes…new follow from me ..Enza xx

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Thank you for the follow and love your creations also. Have a blessed day.

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Simrin, thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my Aga cake – that is so sweet of you and much appreciated :-) x

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Thanks for the follown :-) Your work is lovely!

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Thanks for the follow and the chance to see your beautiful work…looking forward to seeing your next creations 😆


New follow from me. Love your cakes.

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love you work such beautiful creations xoxox


Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Simrin, I can say the same words about your cakes! Following you back :)

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Hi! Im a fan of yours on FB and just saw youre on here too! New follow from me :)


Hi Simrin, thank you so much for your lovely comments, especially the tutorial as I was a bit nervous about posting it on this amazing site. Your cakes are amazing – particularly the dressing room one with all that detail! Happily following to see what you do next! 😍

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Hi Simrin. Thanks for the words of encouragement and the follow. Your cakes are incredible beautiful and so vibrant. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
Maria x

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Such a fan – Now following – Looking forward to more!

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Hello Sim – Thank you for visiting my profile. I’m happy that you like my work!


Hi there…love your work …a new follow from me 😊


Thank you Leyda xx

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love your work! following you here Simrin :)

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Love your detailed work Sim!


Hi Simran — thanks for the lovely comment you left on my profile and so nice to meet you too — you were right about the ‘twins’ i would rather say ‘cakingtwins’ lolz — your cakes are great especially your buttercream bouquet — looking forward to see more!!

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Hello Simrin, thank you so much for your always nice comments on my cookies, really appreciate that. I do love your work and your passion for cake decorating is seen over and over in every single piece you create. BTW, love Singapore and it´s pity that didn’t know you before my last time there.
All the best, Cheers, Marta Torres


thanks for leaving lovely comments on my work!! Really, you’re based in Sg too!? That’s fantastic!!! Maybe we should hook up sometime!:)

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Hi Simrin!!! thank you for the follow and your lovely comments!! You have another follower now!!! :):):)


Thank you xxx


Loving your cakes 😍
A new follow from me and I look forward to seeing all your creations.
Nina x