The Little Cake Company


The Little Cake Company

Jun 2014 1,344 Waterloo, Canada

My story it's similar to others on here:) started making cakes for friends.... Eventually decided to make it into a business. I took a couple of cake decorating courses initially... The rests I've learned from generous people who put tutorials online. Every cake is a learning experience! I love looking at everyone's work on here :)

-- Karen,


Enza - Sweet-E

New follow from a fellow Canadian…Beautiful work :) Enza xx

The Little Cake Company

Thanks enza!!! Nice to meet you :)

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

You have a great body of work..lucky you with Icing Inspirations in your backyard ….. :o)

The Little Cake Company

Thanks June!!!


Following you Little Cake Company, you have beautiful cakes. If I ever drop by Warerloo Canada I will pay you a visit for a tasty treat!


thanks for the follow offcourse a follow back you make some pretty awsome cakes :)

Despoina Karasavvidou

Lovely cakes!

Lenka Budinova - Dorty Karez

Your cakes are amazing! New follower to see Your work :)

D Cake Creations®

Thanks Enza… you have a new follower too :)

Pink Ann's Cakes

Thanks for the follow!! Sending one back your way 😊

Julia Hardy

Thanks for the follow Karen – am following you right back! :-)


Thanks for the follow, you have some amazing cakes. I look forward to seeing more :)

AWG Hobby Cakes

thank you for your msg :) now following you too!!

Little Apple Cakes

Sending a follow back, it’s very nice to meet you :)


Hi Karen …thank u for the follow…your work is beautiful…very pleased to meet u …following you too xx