Hi My name is Nina, I am from Leeds west yorkshire.
I work for myself as a hairdresser and have been since leaving school at 16! I found my new love for cakes in 2013 when I decided to make some cupcakes,up until this point I had never baked and was totally unaware that the cake decorating world was out there from then i got more and more addicted to cake decorating. Then in April this year 2014 I took the plunge and made my 1st cake! I haven’t looked back since,in fact its all I seem to think about :-D At the moment I just make cakes for friends and family but hope to turn it into more one day soon when I feel more confident. I hope you enjoy looking at my cakes.. Nina x https://www.facebook.com/CakesByNinaCalverley


Hi Nina and welcome to CD! Thank you so much for the lovely comment on Frog Cat Beany Hat and for the follow. Looking forward to seeing your cakes! :-)

Julia Hardy

Hi, welcome to CD! Looking forward to see your next cakes! New follower ;-)

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Martina Fragoleinfinite

Hi ladies thank you for your welcome messages,it’s very lovely of you … And thank you for the follows too 😆😆


Hi Nina from Noreen & Peter.
It’s lovely to meet you and welcome to CD.
I am now following your lovely work too.

Hi it’s lovely to meet you too and thank you so much 😆 xx


Hi Nina, thanks for the follow, following you back :)

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

Hi Nina! Nice to meet you! Thanks fofor the follow! Now following you! Happy caking!

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