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I'm just a self-taught hobby cake decorator who is on a cake diet and likes to play with sugar.

-- Jackie, Singapore

Thank you so much for coming over to my page and leaved such all good comments. Thank you. xox. Tina

-- Tina

Hi Tina! You deserve all the good comments for all the beauty that you do! My pleasure!:)

-- Jackie, Singapore

Very, very nice. I like your cakes.

-- viorica's cakes

Thanks for taking your time to appreciate my humble work😊
God bless you


Jackie,.thank you for visiting and leaving such kind and lovely comments! Of course I am following you now – your work is gorgeous! :-)

-- Julia Hardy

Thank you for your lovely comment on my cake :D

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Hello my sweet friend ! finally I find you on CD !!!! xxx

-- Karla :)

Jackie, thank you for visiting my page. Yes, i am based in Cebu and barely 2 years in the business here although my hubby and I started MucchiodiBella early 2012 in CDO. Your cakes are amazing and i am following you!

-- mucchiodibella

Beautiful creations Jackie :) new follow from me..Enza xx

-- Sweet-E

New follow for you too! Your cakes are wonderful! Greetings from Serbia :*

-- Nataša, Novi Sad,

Hi Jackie, thanks a lot for the lovely comments you left on some of my cakes and on my profile page and thanks a lot for the follow!!! Actually even I can’t believe that I am not following you!!! Your cakes are amazing!! I am now following you too!!!!!

-- Marlene - CakeHeaven

love your cakes :) new follower!

-- Kristyne & Sofia

Lovely cakes Jackie!!

-- S. Faisal --

Hi Jackie, your cakes are so colourful, love them! :) new follower!

-- Clara

Thank you Jackie ! Just realised we are both in Singapore 😊so nice to meet u x