My story is simple. One day I found I can bake. Seriously ;) And I enjoy it. And love it. Then I've started to bake for my family, my friends, my friends' friends... ;) Their reactions and comments proved me that I can do it and I should go this way. As I always wanted to do something for ART - I've decided to add decorations to my cakes. My first cake's decors were very disappointing for myself - I gave up for a year. My friends were urging me to come back to baking and decorating - now I know they were simply missing my cakes ;) Before I did it, I've got some knowledge to do it professionally this time - got my books, classes and equipment.
I didn't expect the results! Now I am very happy I came back to MY CAKES - it is very important to do in your life something what you really enjoying!

I do different styles of cakes, however, as a goth girl i really like darkness, mystery, skulls etc but also colorful pin-up style ;)) Mixed up? why not - good to go outside the box ;)

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