Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)


Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

Jun 2014 4,812 Dublin, Ireland

Hi! I'm a hobbyist who fell in love with caking whilst making my triplet daughters' 2nd birthday cake in February 2014. I enjoyed it so much that I set myself a challenge of making and decorating one cake a month for the year...and so I was hooked! Through cakes I discovered a love of sculpting and am always striving to learn more.

-- Maria McDonald


Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

I’m a hobbyist baker and busy mum of 3 toddlers. In February this year, I set myself a challenge of making and decorating one cake a month for the year. I’m getting increasingly hooked on caking and am enjoying browsing all you fabulous people’s amazing creations!

Allways Julez

Welcome to CakesDecor! I find this site very friendly and helpful… I hope you get to love it here! Julez xxx

Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

Thanks! Looking forward to learning lots here!


Hi there! Lovely cakes you have!! And a follow from us!! :):)

Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

Woohoo! My first follow! Thanks Andrea & Adela! Maria xxx

Sparkle Cupcakes

Thank you for the lovely message on my cake. Your cakes are beautiful and you have a big ‘follow’ from me xxxxxxxxxx

Despoina Karasavvidou

Lovely cakes!New follower :)

Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

Thanks Despoina :)


Hi …a new follow from me …most of us started out the same way and got hooked….may your cake journey bring you great joy !


Hi there!! Nice to meet you! Love your diner cake and Santa’s coming too!! soooo I am now following you and wanting to see lots more creations!!!

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Hi Maria, thank you for the follow, sending one back your way :)

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Hi Maria,
Thanks for introducing yourself to me! I’m a mum of three aswell so know what it is like to juggle! I hope you are enjoying making cakes and trying new things. Best of luck!


Wow 3 toddlers! Love the idea of your cake a month challenge…..following so I don’t miss any :)

Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

Thanks Judy :)


A new follower here to your nice cakes