My name is Simrin and I was a flight attendent with Cathay Pacific airlines for 18 years and have recently resigned to be a full time mommy and part time Caker 😄.
I first got fascinated with cake decorating when my first son Liam was born and had to have a cake for his Hongkong at that time ,the only cakes that were available were fresh cream with fruits by the time his first birthday came ,I'd rolled up my sleeves and decided to bake and decorate his cake myself.
I have since that day never stopped baking ...I totally adore it ...and have learnt so much from the internet and other very generous and helpful and talented cake decorators.
We are now in Singapore and I am now living my dream of caking grateful to be a part of this wonderful, encouraging community of such talented cakers.

Thank u for reading xxxx


Hello Simrin! Thanks for the follow. I bet you’re well travelled being a flight attending! I think you are like most of us starting cake decorating for your own children! It is addictive isn’t it! I’m going to pop over and have a sqizzy at your cakes and return the follow! Kath :-)

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aww Kath u are so so sweet …thank u so much for visiting my page and for yr lovely comments

How lovely to meet you and read your story of you started with Liam’s cake! Your work is beautiful and individual x

'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela

oh Fiona ….your visit and your comment means the world to me …thank you

Hi Simrin! Your cakes are just so beautiful! You give so much attention to detail and great execution! An honour to be your follower!

Maggie Gagiano

thank you so much Maggie ..I feel the same about you …saw your cake and fell in love ….I used to live in Hongkong for so many years and so it feels even more special to me …your work is outstanding xxxx

Hi Simrin! Thank you for the follow and for the compliments on my cakes! Love your work as well, and happy to be your new follower :) xx


Hi Sim
Thank you do much for the follow and lovely comments. I love your cakes too, especially the Holland themed cake. Will look forward to seeing more of your cake creations. Love from Roo xx

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