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CakesDecor Gazette: Issue 4.05 / May 2015

This months Gazette is jam packed with so many gorgeous cakes, our Interview with Riany Clement and the newest addition to the gazette a book review. Our very first book review is “classic Fabric Flowers in Sugar” by Gary Chapman and I know will be a must have for many of you. Many pictures of the latest collaborations and my latest “Rising Star” is one you will all want to go follow. Keep up the good work everyone, keep posting your fabulous cakes, blogs and tutorials we love seeing and hearing from you all. From all of us at cakesdecor , keep caking on!!! Big hugs, Shags

Welcome to the Issue 4.05 / April 2015 of the CakesDecor Gazette 

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Should we enter cake shows... follow up???

Wow, how the year is just flying by...I cannot believe we are in May already.

 I thought I would follow up on what I talked about last month. Would I still have the same enthusiasm for cake competitions and shows after I had competed in one? Well the answer so far is yes...granted it was not the best experience but I think we all have room to, grow and learn, especially correct the things we did wrong. Not just as a competitor but as a judge and show as well. Being open to comments from judges is super important to a competitor but on the same hand, I think judges and show organizers need to be also as receptive to feedback and comments from competitors and guests. If everyone can take and accept the good and the bad, I think there is always a chance for improvement.

So, I am going to give this competition thing another go here in the next few months and hope not just my experience but also that of every other competitor is better. Try, try and try again was something I heard all my life and I think anytime entering a competition that is the best we can do. We do not control everything that comes our way, so there will always be hiccups and learning curves for us all.

The biggest thing in life is do not give up on yourself and one competition does not mean you are a bad cake designer, heck my competition cake got more views and likes than any other cake I have ever made. I was very proud of it and not sad to lose at all, my fellow competitors were strong and had amazing cakes. Were there issues??? Sure, but heck that is life. I did however put together my very first blog about some of the things I learned at least for here in the USA as a first time competitor, I hope that it helps a few of you that are wanting to try to compete.... just a few helpful hints. The biggest one being know the rules... inside and out, read them again and again, measure over and over again and make sure you have everything right on your side of things first. Don't lose to a silly over sight.

Jarid Altmark, Sachiko Windbiel, Karen Vasquez and Cynthia Jordon Lorow

Baby Cynthia Kia White

Next stand up and speak out before the judges come around if you see something that you think might be wrong with any other cake. Don't expect judges or shows to be enforcing the rules, they might not.... and you do have a right to speak up. Rules are there for a reason and you should ask for everyone to abide by them, why put rules up if you are not going to enforce them. If we all follow them, then there should not be an issue.

If you would like to read or comment on my blog about this please do I would love to hear all opinions, good or bad, for or against! Click here.

Big Hugs, Shags xoxoxo

We would love to hear from you in the comments section below and please make sure if there is a topic you would like to hear or talk about let us know also.

Sharon: Profile on CakesDecor | Curiaussiety Cakes Facebook Page

What's Happening

Tutorial Pick for the Month: OMG, this could be the cutest little ladybug I have ever seen, I just want to squeeze his little face. Thank you Crumb Avenue for sharing this Simple, cute ladybug figurine tutorial with us, it is so adorable!

Everyone is always looking to learn, so if you have a special technique or a cute little figurine you would like all of us to see, then why don't you submit it to and your creation may be featured in the next Gazette.

Kitchen Talk:  Liability Insurance for Home Bakers This is such an important question for anyone running a home business. So if you have ever asked your self this question you are not the only one so has Fun Fiesta Cakes!

Suggestion Box: New ideas and suggestions are always welcome so please make sure you go to The Gazette Blog post and leave your comments there.

Have fun coming up with new ideas :) 

200,000 Cakes? When? Take a guess and win!

So close now folks ... who is going to win??? Make sure you have your chance to win!

Cakes decor RISING STAR

Moustoula Eleni (Οι Τούρτες Της Ελένης)

Although this decorator has not been on cakesdecor for as long as some, I really cannot use that as means for who I pick for this award. This wonderful decorator deserves this title cause every time they post something they always make me want to see more and for me that is what this award is all about.

From gorgeous gravity defying pieces to total works of art that tell a story from the minute you see it. I am always amazed at Moustoula Eleni's ability to bring a cake to life. Thank you so much for being part of our family here at cakesdecor and I am sure we all look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work!

CakesDecor Gazette Editors Choice

My Editors Choice for April is... Victoria Mkhitaryan Cakes&Desserts with her A delicate lace cake

Who would think that with just two colors blue and white you could make such a stunning piece but that is exactly what happened with this truly gorgoues cake. I love the femininity this cake evokes from the single top flower right down to the gorgeous lace hexagon base board! A stunner no doubt about it and my favorite for this past month!

Cake Decorator of the Week

The Cake Decorators of the Week for April were...

Jeanne Winslow


Sugarpatch Cakes

Cakes Rock

New!!!! May Book Review

Classic Fabric Flowers in Sugar

I was so honored when Gary Chapman approached us here at cakesdecor to see if we would be interested in reviewing his new book.We are always trying to add new features and bring you new exciting articles to read so doing a book review was a great idea especially with so many cakes adding flowers, but not everyone having the ability to do such intricate and time consuming work.

So Gary's book gives a great alternative to realistic flowers but still being able to add an elegant touch to a beautiful cake. Simple and easy to follow directions with many different styles to incorporate into similar techniques. To read full review Click here.

                                                  Gary Chapman     

Collaboration Station

With so many collaborations now I cannot find every cake so if you would like to be seen here in the collaboration section of the Gazette I will need to have the word "collaboration" in the title of your piece and something in your write up as to what collaboration it belongs to. I want everyone to have the same chance to be seen.

"Easter colouring book" collaboration


An international sugar collaboration featuring both religious and secular Easter coloring book themed cakes by designers from all over the world.

"A pianted Easter" Cake Collaboration!

An international collaboration of sugar artists, using hand-painted pieces to celebrate Easter!

Elegant Indian Fashion Cake Collaboration

44 talented cake artists from across the globe have come together to celebrate the beautiful and sophisticated designs of Indian fashion. Each artist created a cake inspired by a haute couture Indian outfit that is typically worn for elegant occasions. One can see how these outfits can easily translate into a gorgeous cake design with their rich colors and intricate decorations.

Upcoming Cake Decorating Competitions

North Florida Cake Show and Competition Jacksonville Florida..... June 26-28, 2015

Cake Camp, Las Vegas, Nevada .... August 13-16, 2015

The America'sCake and Sugarcraft Fair, Orlando, Florida...September 18-20, 2015

Oklahoma State sugar art show...October 3rd-4th, 2015

Cakes decor interview with Riany Clement!

I am so pleased to bring this interview to you with Riany Clement of Bellaria Cakes Design, she is one of few cake artists that I really look up to and admire. I  would give anything to meet this amazingly talented cake artist and just sit and talk with her and peek into her beautiful mind of flowing masterpieces!

Riany's work is always such a contrast of bold designs and elegantly cascading flowers. She is the queen of pulling off the most perfect of geometric patterns in fondant and really captures the eye with every piece of sugar art she produces.

I know you will all enjoy getting to know her better also and having just a little more perspective on what makes someone this talented tick!

Read Full Interview

Monthly Top 5

Most Popular Cake for March

The Sleeping Puppies

Laura Loukaides

Rainbow Lamb

Sugar Magic Cakes

Vintage Easter

 CAKED by Cynthia White

Ivory Lace wedding

Veena's Art of Cakes

Modelling work for Competiton at the cake-fair in Austria

Nicola Keysselitz

Cake This Tute!

Simple, cute ladybug figurine tutorial

Crumb Avenue

Is this little guy not the cutest thing you have ever seen???

Find tutorial here

Kitchen Talk

Liability Insurance for Home Bakers

I am sure many of you have asked yourselves this question, "should I have insurance being a home business"? Well Fun Fiesta Cakes also asked this same question which I feel is a really important one.

My answer is yes, and if you want to reach for those bigger, higher end wedding cakes the venues will require it. But more than that for the small amount... which here in the states is around $300, isn't it worth that piece of mind. It just takes one person getting sick and wanting to sue you and you could lose everything including your home.

Don't take the risk. If you are running your business as a business then insurance is a must in my opinion. But I would love to hear what you all think as well on this discussion so make sure you go and tell us your thoughts also.Liability Insurance for Home Bakers

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I’ve already got my copy!! yayyyyyyy!

Maria *cakes made with passion*

A beautiful gazette, thank you so much Sharon

Calli Creations

Another fabulous gazette Sharon… Thanks so much for all your hard work and input. Xx

Sharon A./Not Your Average Cupcake

Thank you so much for featuring my “Duck, Duck…KITTY” piece for the A Painted Easter collab. I am so honored!!!!!!!!

Moustoula Eleni (Alchemists of cakes)

It is a great honor and pleasure to be chosen as a “Rising star” for May . Saron thank you very much for your kind words , I consider them as honor for me , especially when they are written from you !!!

CuriAUSSIEty Cakes

Thank you everyone for letting me know you liked the gazette this month. For Sharon A. and Moustoula you guys have no reason to thank me. Your work is gorgeous and should be seen. There are so many great cake artists here on cakesdecor and I hope that one day I can make sure everyone has had a turn to be seen in the gazette. You do not have to be a big name or have big following for me to show your work. Nor do you have to be someone that has been on here forever. The gazette is for everyone and I only hope everyone keeps putting their gorgeous work out there so as we all have an opportunity to follow you and to encourage you on your cake journey. Big hugs, Shags