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Elizabeth Miles Cake Design


Hello, what does everyone do when they are Ill and have a cake due?

Hi everyone I have been busy and Ill and I am really behind with cakes again...

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Karen Flude


What do you think about the proposed 'sugar tax'?? I wondered what everyone’s views...

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First time in 35 years....

Before I start my story, let me skip to the ending. I made it. Yesterday...

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Cake design/ wedding exhibitions - tips needed.

Hi all, I have just decided to do a cook & cake salon in Toulouse in a...

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Karima Anmadi


Cakes Wanted

Hi everyone, My name is Karima, I am a founder of International Kids...

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The Snowdrop Cakery


Ganache yes or no?

Hi all, i have been using ganache for a while now however ive been told...

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Callicious Cakes


Around the World in 40 Cakes

40 Cake Artists around the world were chosen to feature in Cake Masters...

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Karen Flude


Help with Eeyore blue shade

Hi everyone xx I’ve been asked to make a 3d Eeyore cake and cupcakes along...

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Karen Flude


Cakes with water effects

Help please my lovely cakey friends…..I’ve been asked to make a Wedding cake...

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3D Minnie Mouse cake Help

I am wondering if anyone could help me find a tutorial on a 3D Minnie Mouse...

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Man face

You also sculpted marzipan man’s face?

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Interesting Customer requests

I just received a cake inquiry from a old school friend who would like to...

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Hi I’m Emma from Cut The Cake Kitchen, I’m new to Cakes Décor and wouldn’t...

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Victoria Forward


Debbie Brown Masterclass in Buckingham...

I hope this post is allowed! Places available on a 1 day Masterclass with...

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Advice on Heat

Hi, I’ve been asked to create a display cake but have been told that it’s...

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I'm new here!

Hi everybody, I am Federica, from Italy! I do love baking and decorating...

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Just wanted to say hello

Hi I’m Rhian I wanted to say hello. My son and I are tentatively starting...

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Sweet Foxylicious



Hi all Sorry I haven’t been looking and commenting on your lovely cakes, I...

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Dessert By Design (Krystle)


Natural Food Dyes

Does anyone have any experience with using natural food dyes (ie; reduced...

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The Sweet Boutique


We are glad to join you!

Welcome to The Sweet Boutique, a bakery with sweet treats that "Satisfy All...