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More likes for my cakes

Hi, I work as a decorator for a 5 years and i keep posting pictures of my most beautiful creations quite often. But most my cakes got most likes ang got selected to be within top 3 a f top 10 etc. But suddenly I got a drop of my likes and thus...

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Sandra Smiley

Cake Decorator of the Week

Thank you so much, CakesDecor for the honor of being featured as Cake Decorator of the Week! It is a huge honor and I am both thrilled and humbled. Thanks to everyone who is always so supportive and kind. Hugs to all! XOXO

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Melanie Mangrum

Painting on SMBC, need advice

I’m a semi-retired Baker/decorator. Things change fast in the decorator world! I’ve been seeing lots of flowers painted on bc cakes. They look beautiful and I’m confident in my ability to do it, but what I’m wondering, if I paint beautiful...

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Benny's cakes

Cake Decorator of the Week

Thank you so much, CakesDecor for the featured as Cake Decorator of the Week! It is a great honor for me! I want to thank everyone who supports me and appreciates my work! Be happy and blessed! Thanks again! Albena Bojidarova

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Purbaja B Chakraborty

Cake Decorator of the Week

Thank you so much cakes decor for choosing me as cake decorator of the week. It’s an honour for me. A dream come true for me. But , due to my health problem(totally bed ridden since 15 days) I am unable to share my happiness in time. But it’s...

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Cupids Delight

Introduction to new site

Hello guys, This is my first post here. Nice to be part of this community.

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Hello everyone

Hello everyone I am a new member I am really happy to meet you all

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Hello Everybody

Je m’appelle Emilie et je viens d’arriver sur le site. Je fais du cake design depuis 2011 et j’ai une formation de base de cuisine et pâtisserie. Je suis sur le site car je souhaite me perfectionner et pourquoi pas partir travailler à...

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Anyone been to a Julien Flower class?

I’m keen to attend some of Julienflower’s chocolate flower classes coming up in Australia but just wondered if anyone else has attended one of her workshops and how you found it?

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Sweet Harvest Cakes

Hello from Australia!

Hi everyone, My cake journey began 7 years ago making birthday cakes for my children and family members. I quickly realised this is something I enjoy and might actually be able to offer to the wider community. Just over a year ago I finally...

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Ballerina slipper template

I want to make ballerina slippers so I would like the template.

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Alpa Boll - Simply Alpa

Running a cake business during the school holidays

Hi, I don’t think I am alone in dreading the school holidays and trying to juggle looking after the kids and dealing with cake orders especially when its the height of wedding season. I started this thread so maybe those out there who have...

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Lori Goodwin (Goodwin Girls Cakery)

Need classes in US😃

Hi fellow cakey people! My name is Lori and I’ve been part of this site for about 4 years but you are just now meeting me because I’m anti-computer 🤣 and I just recently started posting some of my cakes…but I have been admiring all of yours for...

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Do you deliver wedding cakes anywhere in London ?

Do you deliver wedding cakes anywhere in London ?

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Tomahawk steak cake

This was for a father’s 50th birthday. The steak is made of chocolate cake with a fudge filling, buttercream icing and covered in fondant. The bone is gum paste as are the vegetables – potatoes, asparagus, and mushrooms. The wooden board is...

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Working with Event Planners

Hello, For those of you who work closely with Event planners, do you give them special discounts? If so, do you find this to be profitable?

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carolina Wachter

Avant Garde Cakes Next Generation "Inspired by Kìnetic art & High tech Haute Couture

Avant Garde Cakes Next Generation "Inspired by Kìnetic art & High tech Haute Couture by international group Bakerswood Hello dear sweet community, I invite you to see the beautiful works of a new one organized by the bakerswood community,in...

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Aarohee Nagecha

My crazy Baking Journey

Hello greeting from my end !!! I am Aarohee Nagecha from Ahmedabad,India. My baking journey started at a very young age. I use help my mum and grandmum with their baking. Seeing them bake for friends and family on various occasions the little...

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Help!! My tip keeps sliding off pastry bag

Hi! I have Wilton rose tip and Wilton pastry bags. I size the hole in the pastry bag so that is is SUPER tight against the tip, yet when I press the icing out of the tip, the tip will go right with it, opening my pastry whole a lot larger. ...