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hello freinds

Hello everyone!!my name is simran,,I am new to cakes decor and I am the...

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Diana's Cakery


Hi everyone!

I am a mother of two beautiful boys and a wonderful husband. I work full...

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Jenny Dowd



Signed up at last after admiring all the amazing cakes for a long time....

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Business at home - How do you separate the ingredients expenses from business and home?

Hello! I have my business at home and I was wondering, for those who have...

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Karen Flude


Whats style is your business card?

Hello xx I’m running out of business cards and have a dilemma I’d like some...

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Bottle cake

Hi everyone, I posted earlier about making a 3D Standing Smirnoff cake. It...

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How do I make this Fish bowl?

Hi, I have been asked to make a cat in the hat themed cake for the weekend...

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hi im excited and happy to be here!!

Hello my name is Angelina I have 3 kids and a husband I’m 25 years old!!! I...

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Hello :-)

Happy to be back here on CD Just came back from a great holiday in Spain...

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Elizabeth Miles Cake Design


Sun Newspaper Cake Competition (UK)

Hi my husband pointed this out as I am not a Sun reader. This is hopefully a...

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Help with design

Hello everyone. I’m stumped on how to make this cake. I can’t seem to get...

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The Little Cake Company


buttercream with meringue

there is a theme to all my forum topics…. buttercream!! lol. So Im doing a...

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3D standing bottle cake

hi guys. I want to make a Smirnoff vodka bottle cake for a friend but...

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Michal Bulla


Do you listen to music while decorating? If so, what kind?

I was wondering If you listen to music while decorating? I usually listen to...

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AWG Hobby Cakes



Hiya, I’ve just tried to catch up on notifications, but noticed nil past 6...

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Elli Warren


Having a little break

Hi ladies, just a little note to say I’m so sorry if I have missed your cake...

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help ID this flower

HI! I am new to the forum. Can somebody please help me ID this flower? How...

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Edible stickers for cakes

I need a soccer logo for a birthday boy. Do u know where I can order some? I...

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Hi! I have baked two 6 inch cakes, they are around 1 and a half inch high....

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Callicious Cakes


From Sketch to Cake

Just a follow on from a theme I ran on Monday. Do you sketch all your...