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Jenniffer White


I was asked to join panel of experts on a webinar!

A week or so ago I was contacted by Minette Rushing (of Custom Cakes of...

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royal blue flowers

I am making some blossoms flowers and they need to be royal blue. I got some...

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Your first cake and your last cake :-)

I really don’t now of there is a topic about this! But i think it is fun...

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Sticky fondant

When do I cover my cakes in fondant? I use whipped cream frosting for all...

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Airbrushing a 2 tier cake

I’m working on a small 2 tier cake that’s going to be airbrushed one solid...

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Need help with a Baseball mitt cake

Hi everyone I am new to CakesDecor and I have seen a great baseball mitt...

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The Little Cake Company


buttercream with meringue

there is a theme to all my forum topics…. buttercream!! lol. So Im doing a...

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Michal Bulla


Do you listen to music while decorating? If so, what kind?

I was wondering If you listen to music while decorating? I usually listen to...

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3D standing bottle cake

hi guys. I want to make a Smirnoff vodka bottle cake for a friend but...

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Edible Art by Sawsen


Green eyed monster

Hi all, A few things have happened this week, I just wanted to share some...

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My First Cake Decorating Book is coming out on september 17th

Hi my lovely friends, I just wanted to share with all of you my super...

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Large Minion Cake

Has anyone ever made a minion cake using cake pans larger than 6"? ...

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Gladys Torres



My name is Gladys , also known as Gladwil. I’m from Puerto Rico. I just love...

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Rennae's Cakes


Need help finding a certain cutter

Just wondering if anyone can please help? I need to re create this cake and...

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Just saying hello!

It’s been a year since I created my account and today I finally decided to...

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Michal Bulla


Cupcakes or cookies?

Which are better and/or easier to do – cupcakes or cookies ? Which one do...

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Hello :-)

Happy to be back here on CD Just came back from a great holiday in Spain...

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clear ice cubes for cake

Hi Guys. I was wondering does anyone have a recipe for how to make ‘ice...

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How do I make this Fish bowl?

Hi, I have been asked to make a cat in the hat themed cake for the weekend...

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Prima Cakes Plus


Need help attaching heavy flowers

I am trying to attach heavy lily of the valley gumpaste flowers to the side...