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Hi everybody,

I am a french pastry chef and I need tout help.
I search a recipe of vegan frosting.

Someone have a recipe for me ?

Excuse me of my english is not well.




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Chelsea Hott ...

I have never tried this recipe, so I can’t promise anything. With that being said, I have heard great things about aqua faba (chickpea liquid) being a great substitute for eggs. You could do a test run and see if it works for you.

Good luck! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

I use this vegan icing recipe all the time

The Garden Baker ...

Joshua John Russell of “Man About Cake” has lots of vegan recipes for free both on you-tube and on Craftsy. I haven’t tried them but he has a very good reputation.

Gladys ...

Thank you all!
June : what is thé quantity of liquid?

I Will try all of this recipe.

Thank you again

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Hey Gladys
The quantity of the liquid is in the recipe. Just click the link, all the info you need is there.

Gladys ...

Hey June
I understand box : it’ s chickpeas in a box?


jurate2 ...

recipes send in your inbox

Rachel~Cakes ...

Hi June – that link you posted says to use immediately as it collapses quite quickly. I"m wondering how stable you think it is for client orders or weddings? Is it literally only good for about an hour or so or is it feasible to use for an order picked up by the client and not eaten for a few hours?

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

I just realized I never clarified Gladys question. Chickpeas in a box? No it is canned chickpeas where you use the liquid in the can.
Rachel-Cakes, I have used this icing on cupcakes that were piped 2 days ahead of a baby shower. They were fine, but it was mid April, and the weather was cool. I just realized I gave you the wrong link for the icing…Duh!! This one uses icing sugar, so much more stable.
Are you planning to use this icing alone on a cake? Once the icing has set, and the cake is in a cool room, it should be fine. And I’m assuming the venue would have AC. You could always make a test batch of icing. Pipe on some vegan cupcakes, or very small cake. Let sit for 48 hours, and see the results. Hope this helps.

Rachel~Cakes ...

Thanks June – I’m going to try it!