Introduce Yourself

125 views, 8 0 by Cientista Mestre Cuca

Cientista Mestre Cuca


Hi! I would like to introduce myself to this wonderful community! I used...

200 views, 10 0 by cathlene laughlin

cathlene laughlin

sugar art

Hi my name is Cathy Laughlin. I’m a sugar artist, I love working with wafer...

78 views, 5 0 by Cassandra Rice

Cassandra Rice


Hello! New kid on the block! Very excited to be here!

128 views, 4 0 by Lourdes Pazos

Lourdes Pazos

my user display

Hello! My name is Lourdes Pazos , I’m from Barcelona Spain and I want to...

98 views, 0 0 by Katherine De Stefano

Katherine De Stefano


Hello all. What a lovely site. I’m relatively new to the world of cake...

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The CakeyMaker

230 views, 9 0 by Gavin - Putty Cakes

Gavin - Putty Cakes

How to use the site?

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself to you all. My name is Gavin...

256 views, 10 0 by Pepper Posh

Pepper Posh

Tattoo Cake

Here I am… My first post in Cakes Decor :) One of my cakes, my inspired...

134 views, 3 0 by Jennifer


Hi there/ hallo daar

Here a Dutchie, chaotic add mom of (holy moly :P) three. 36 going on 37...

158 views, 5 0 by Bronecia (custom cakes)

Bronecia (custom cakes)

learning different things

My name Bronecia and I really like baking Cakes and enjoy decorating the...

141 views, 3 0 by Sushma Rajan- Cake Affairs

Sushma Rajan- Cake Affairs


Hi all lovely bakers from around the world.. Its and awesome platform to...

347 views, 7 0 by Cut The Cake Kitchen

Cut The Cake Kitchen


Hi I’m Emma from Cut The Cake Kitchen, I’m new to Cakes Décor and wouldn’t...

218 views, 4 0 by Suzybakes



Hi, I’m Sue. I still pretty new to cake decorating. It sort of found me. It...

213 views, 8 1 by Oaktreebakes


Hi I’m Cheryl from the newly formed oaktree bakes 😄. I’m really new here...

156 views, 2 0 by BakeDelight

Hi I am new

Hi my name is Mariska and I live in South Africa. I love working with my...

775 views, 22 5 by Edible Art by Sawsen

Edible Art by Sawsen

Hello from Sawsen! :)

Hi all! I just joined yesterday… this is my story I’ve been making cakes...

330 views, 12 0 by Bizcochosymas


introducing myself

Hi everyone my name is Leomares I’new here, happy to joying. Been...

342 views, 12 0 by Bb's Sweet "Treets"

Bb's Sweet "Treets"

Hey everyone!

I’m new here! I am just starting my own cake decorating business out of my...

403 views, 14 1 by Princessflange

New here

Hello! I’m new here and fairly new to decorating cakes! I’ve been baking...

237 views, 7 0 by NanyDelice



Hello to all, I ‘m NanyDelice I ’m 34 years old I’m a fan of decorated...