Introduce Yourself

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MissyKay Newbie

Hello Everyone…..I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Missy. My...

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Hello! Im here almost brand new))) all have a nice day)))

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Browny's Cakes

Introducing Browny's Cakes

My name is Ludinaira Roberto and I’m the owner of Browny’s Cakes webshop. I...

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Excited to Join this Grp...

I started decorating last December after my father passed from cancer…the...

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New to forum

Hi all Just found this and it looks so helpful! I started cake decorating...

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I wanted to say hello. I’m new here. I’m glad that I could join here.

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I'm Keira and I just can't cake this!

Hi! I’m new to this wonderful page; it’s so much fun to browse! I am a part...

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Apologies for 2015.....and thank you for the therapy...

Having not had time to look at Cakesdecor since new year and desperately...

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Hello I am new here I used to love making cakes but sadly have had...

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I stumbled upon this site randomly through someone’s Twitter link. I didn’t...

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I am new to cake decorating. Haven’t tried any shaped cakes . I am a...

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Hello I am new here sadlly I wont be posting my own cakes as I don’t make...

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Hi =)

My name is Norma Gomez, I am a complete novice at baking. =) I have started...

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Nice to meet you!

Hi, my name is Esther and I live in Purmerend, the Netherlands, together...

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I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I’m Dawn and I have for years loved...

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Hello !

Hello to all members! My name is Jamka from Bosnia and Herzegovina, small...

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Sumthin' Sweet Cakes & Treats

Hello from Sumthin' Sweet

Hi and happy new year to everyone. I am a cake designer from the...

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Hi Everyone!

Good morning! This site was recommended to me by my cake friend Nancy...

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Hi all, I’m a new member . My name is Trang . I’m so glad to join this...

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You've Been Cupcaked

Happy New Year everyone!

Here is wishing you all infinite amounts of health and happiness for 2015...