Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Valentine heart bloom tutorial

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Coloring Your Own Wafer Paper

I don’t have an edible printer so I wanted to try my hand at painting wafer paper with abstract colors so that I have infinite possibilities to decorate cakes and cupcakes. Water will ruin wafer paper so I used a clean :) ear bud to mix three...

face "tutorial"

Now, I am sooooo not an expert, but I have been inspired by you experts out there!!! I TRIED the ways the experts do it, sculpting from a single ball of fondant, but I just couldn’t do it!!!! My face ends up all squashed, I just cant get it. ...

fondant miniature cake toppers #1: mini fondant chocolate bars

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How to cut Wafer paper without scissors or craft punch

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Thomas the train tutorial

Wafer Paper Lotus BUD.

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Sculpting with fondant #2: Frozen Anna baby by Animators Collection - Modelling the face

Hi all. maybe some of you knows that I love the Animators Collection of the Disney princesses. They are the baby versions of the famous Disney princesses, and I’d want to reproduce them all!!!! So, I started from Aurora, then I made Belle...

Elegant decorating shapes

I hope you will like this idea to create different shapes using flower wires covered with sugar paste! • Insert a piece of grey colored sugar paste in the middle of the flower wire • Start rolling it • Keep on rolling till the sugar...

General cake decorating tutorials #1: Petal ruffle effect on a cake, video tutorials

This is my latest petal ruffle tutorial to decorate your cakes with :) And below is an older ruffle effect tutorial I made, similar idea but a slightly different effect :) If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s...