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Making LEGO Egyptian Queen

I’m sharing my experience making the Lego Egyptian Queen from little people BIG IDEAS – An Edible Art Collaboration – giving you an insight of the internal structure to the details on the cake. I hope you find it useful for your own creation in...

Yeners Sliced Fondant Pattern Technique - Daisies

I have done a few videos with my sliced fondant pattern technique. As it always happens in cake decorating, one door opens to a room which has another door which opens to an another room. So this time I would like show you another way of using...

How to Make a REALISTIC, NO CUTTERS Echeveria Succulent: Topsy Turvy

This tutorial is a recreation of an actual Echeveria Topsy Turvy I own. The tutorial is super easy, as you need NO CUTTERS and use the same general manner to create all leaves, save a few slight variations as indicated. Please feel free to...

Watermelon Themed Cake

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. Well Summer is definitely here where I live in the UK! so I wanted to make a cake that would be perfect for a summer party or BBQ. This watermelon themed cake is really simple to make and is decorated...

Unicorn cookie | number cookie 2018 trend


Yeners Sliced Fondant Pattern Technique - Poppies

This week, I show you yet another pattern you can do using my sliced fondant pattern technique. This time it will be a pattern with poppy flowers! What’s interesting about this pattern is how, unlike the rose, the flower is broken up into...

How to Make a NO CUTTER TULIP : Realistic Elements Sugar Flower

I dissected an actual tulip to create this tutorial as I wanted to give this gumpaste creation a touch of realism. The petal template ( as well as sizes for the pistil and stamens are taken...


Watch this great video where Carla Rodrigues tell you more on how to work with #Saracino Modelling Chocolate


How Easily And Quick Create This Beautiful Rose You Can See On Our Website <3


Surprise Your Visitors With These Beautiful Sugar Lollies