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CAKE BASICS #9: How to make a Silhouette cake?

Hi friends!! how are you? I hope you and your families are ok! That is the most important thing. This time I want to share with you how to make a silhouette cake. Hugs!

Night Sky 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake'

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. In this weeks video tutorial I share with you step by step how to make this Twinkle Twinkle themed cake, from the 3D moon, 3D fondant clouds, stars, airbrushing the cake and adding the letters using Sweet...

Encaje comestible/receta casera

Hola amigos!! Después de 5.784.482 grabaciones! Jaja😂 y como lo prometido es deuda, acá paso. Compartirles el tutorial de como realizo la receta casera de “Encaje Comestible" utilizando los mejores productos de Pastelar y Laboratorio Fleibor SRL...

Hojas alambradas

Amigos!! 🙋‍♀️Les comparto un video de como realizo mis hojas 🌿 alambradas rápidamente, sin necesidad de tener tabla ranurada ! 🌿 Realizadas con pasta de goma Ballina Espero les sirva!!! ☺️ Si te gustó compartílo😘 Más tarde les comparto un...


Holaaaaaaaaaaaa friends!!! I hope you are doing well! This time I want to share with you a very basic video to cover tall cakes (double barrel). I hope is useful.

MODELLING TUTORIALS #19: Learn How To Make This Cute Hippo With Lynsey Wilton-Eddleston

Learn How To Make This Cute Hippo With Lynsey Wilton-Eddleston


cake toppers tutorials #8: Sugar doll - super EASY!

Hi friends how are you! many people asked me to do this tutorial …so I did it with all my love to share with you. If you are a beginner in the modelling area, then this video is for you! I hope you like it!

Making Teletubbies! :)

This is a VERY EASY & QUICK pictorial for anyone trying to learn how to make simple Teletubby characters. Trial and error is key here! All you’ll need is fondant, toothpicks, a small brush in some water, a small kitchen knife or exacto knife,...


In this tutorial, I show you my easy way of making sugar car tyres/wheels. Making 3D car cakes can be a challenging task and with this tutorial, I hope to make part of it easier for you. This tutorial at Yeners Way…...