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Videotutorials - SweetArt by Eli #2: How to make a Star Wars Yoda

How to make a Star Wars Yoda in 13 minutes

Realistic Gunni Eucalyptus - NO CUTTERS Gumpaste Tutorial

After debating for a while which type of Eucalyptus I would attempt to recreate next in sugar (having created realistic Seeded Eucalyptus previously), I chose the Gunni variety. I was very fortunate enough to have come across actual Gunni...

Spring is in the air 2018 collaboration Voorjaar/verjaardag

Cake Decoration #4: Cake borders - without regular molds!!!!

Hi friends!!! so happy to share these 5 types of fondant cake borders using easy and cheap kitchen & beauty tools! I hope this is useful for you!

Sugar Flowers #27: Black rose : Quick Rose , 15 Petals Only! HAVE THE BEST BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND EVER, EVERYONE!

Gumpaste Open Peony Video Tutorial

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. As I am watching the peonies in my garden start to flower I though this would be the perfect time to share this weeks video tutorial showing you step by step how to make a gumpaste open peony flower to add to...

Spring Cake Tutorial

I made this cake for my birthday and just thought of filming as I went along. I hope the link works if not just leave me a comment below and I’ll take a look. The whole idea was actually an inspiration from the beautiful Cherry Blossoms down at...

How to make flat Lego bricks without molds

Hi all, lovely decorators! I’m working on a Lego themed cake and was wondering how to make sugar lego bricks, without molds. I have one, indeed, but it’s too thin to work with and I didn’t want to buy a stronger one. So I searched for a...


Hi friends!!! finally I published my own recipe of this delicious apple cake. Click the link below:

Endless Love

Sugar class by Valentina Terzieva