Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Reptile Skins Pictorial

The steps were made entirely by me, not following or copying anyone else’s tutorial. You’re welcome to follow these steps too but you must give credit to my page. Thank you and have fun! :) These two boards were made so that I could choose one...

Robin from Teen Titans Go! out of fondant

Hi sweeties, Here is another cartoon that kids love, especially boys! I made Robin from Teen Titans Go! Enjoy ;)

Hotel Transylvania 2: Dennis cake topper

How to make a baby Dennis cake topper from the upcoming Hotel Transylvania 2 movie :) If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

Sea Shells

Supplies: Shell Molds Shortening or corn starch Gumpaste Palette knife Small rolling pin Edible dusts for coloring (Brown, yellow, orange, gold and pearl) Small paint brush Small painter palette Instructions: ...

How to make Masha (and the bear) cake topper fondant tutorial masha e orso torta pasta di zucchero

Hand Painted Riverbank

I can never include as much detail as I’d like to be able to, so this is quite basic, but I am very happy to answer any questions :) You can view the cake in full here:

Chocolate Golden Retriever

A basic guide to structuring and sculpting a golden retriever.

3d cakes #1: 3d angel mini cake- photo tutorial

Merhaba, Bir önceki yayınladığım yazıdaki Melek Pastayı nasıl yaptığımı merak ediyorsanız fotoğrafları sıra ile takip edebilirsiniz. ;D Hi, Here is a mini photo tutorial (self explainatory) on how i designed and made the structure for the...

Easy fondant whale topper using just one tool

Easy Fondant Owl topper

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