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Tutorial Belle Disney face

How To Make A Fondant Figure Body: Cute Girl Making Heart Hand Gesture

The type of simple structure used in this standing topper tutorial can be used to make other standing toppers as well and the techniques used to make the fondant hands making the heart hand gesture can also be used to create additional hand...

Tutorial hand in sugarpaste

Sugarpaste face tutorial

Sugarcraft: Materials , Techniques etc #7: FLOWER ARRANGEMENT for you or pics: WHAT VASE? So what VASE indeed, it seems simple but it wasn’t for me. I started of getting this giant glass bottle which was probably not a good idea at all, as you can’t hide...

Cake1TV #2: Hand painted lettering

Many people ask me about the lettering on my cakes. Is it a stencil? No it is handpainted. No need for expensive stencils and you can tailor it to any cake design. In this video I share my tips on how you can do this too. Be sure to check...


Since I started sharing some simple cake decorating tips with you, I haven’t shown you any figurines yet so today I will show you how to make a sugar goldfish. A fish is a fish so using the same techniques with some small changes you can do...

San Valentine Cake Pops Tutorial

Here you are some few steps to make a very sweeeeeet cake pops for San Valentine!! Hope you like it :) Cami

Chocolate Blue Tit

Hi Lovelies, here is how I made my chocolate blue tit topper

How to Make Gum Paste Magnolia | No Cutters

How to make quick sugar Magnolia flower without any cutters. Hope you’ll enjoy it :)