Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Oriental String Work Pretty in Pink Cake

Completely decorated using royal icing techniques: Combining delicate oriental string work, brush embroidery and piping gel filigree takes this from nice to extraordinary!

Jacket Potato Cake - Video Tutorial

How to make a cake that looks like Jacket/Baked Potato! Full FREE tutorial available on my YouTube Channel:

Dimensional Tea Set Cookies

One of my favorite decorating techniques is dimensional piping (pressure piping) with royal icing. according to Sir Eddie Spence “once you have master 5 basic shapes you can create almost any motif or figure!. In this tutorial I will show you...

Love Emoji Cake tutorial

Hi! I made this video last month but forgot to post it here hehe Full tutorial video is available in our YouTube channel: If you like it please like and subscribe! 😄 Happy caking! x

St. Patrick's Day Happy Green Beer Cupcake Topper Tutorial

"": A quick time lapse video of these lil’ guys :)

Ranunculus and Hydrangea Buttercream flower cake TUTORIAL

Learn how to pipe Roses, Ranunculus and Hydrangeas and create a buttercream flower wreath cake. Coloring page with this cake design on Etsy

Fondant Tutorials #3: Wood Texture

New timelapse video on my channel! For the “wood textured fondant tutorial”, please visit;

Tutorial #13: Kombi Van Tutorial

Full video on my youtube channel Tutorial step-by-step how to search for blue print, enlarging imagine on word document, printing and using templates for a 3D object | raising the cakes from...

Tutorial #12: Carousel Templates

Full video on my Youtube Channel:

Tutorial #11: Ballerina Shoe Templates

Full video on my Youtube Channel: