Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Expressive Fondant Faces #1: Expressive Fondant Face - Tongue Sticking Out

A tutorial on how to create a complete expressive fondant face, along with a hairstyle that adds to the expressiveness. I was having a hard time creating ponytails for my figures when I finally figured out how to easily create the look I was...


Pandoro and Panettone, Italian traditional Christmas cakes #3: Panettone 2017

Hi guys! If you want to make something magical for Christmas, in a short time, you need a Panettone (one of the most famous Christmas cake in Italy), 2 white wafer paper sheets, some wires and some mini lights First you have to copy...

How to Make SANTA FACES for Christmas Cakes

In this Yeners Cake Tip, I show you a quick and easy way to make multiple Santa Claus faces using fondant and royal icing. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to stay tuned to Yeners Cake Tips! New cake tip every Tuesday!

Video Tutorial Nutcracker

Hi everyone, I made a video tutorial how to make a Nutcracker, I hope you will enjoy it. Have a nice day xx Valentina

White Fantasy Sugar Peony Tutorial

I had this sugar peony tutorial video since last year and at last I know how to publish here… In this video you can learn how to make a fantasy sugar paste peony. The video is in spanish(Cómo modelar una Peonía en Azúcar).

How to do Gumpaste Bamboo Stick

In this video tutorial you can learn how to make a very easy and realistic bamboo stick. Hope you like it.

Sugar/Gumpaste Succulents #1: Calico Hearts Succulent Tutorial

One of the many sugar succulents The Confectionery Gallery has made and will be making. You will need NO CUTTERS and NO MOLDS to make this colorful sugar creation. May you enjoy the content and Thank You for watching.

How to Make a Snowman | Christmas Cake\Cupcake Topper

Hello everyone :) I was waiting for my Christmas inspiration to come and finally it came. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a fondant snowman. Hope you’ll like it :)

Christmas cookies #1: Galletas de Pino de nvidad ( Christmas tree cookies) I think that this cookies are the easiest thing ever. I usually make them for cookie trays or packages. The possibilities are endless since I sometimes add sprinkles and a star on top of the tree....