Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Tutorial face #1: My Video Tutorial face on Youtube ;)

Fun things I have discovered.

I am excited to share this discovery. I hope you will find this at least interesting and at most useful. While working on my last cake I required some “pollen”. A search of the scullery netted a few options….. the above photo was my choice....

Free 3D Olaf Cake Tutorial

Free downloadable course material can be found at the following link…

Gumpaste figures tutorials #1: Little Kingdom - Princess Holly figure tutorial

First, make head. Make a simple ball and add eyes. Then, add nose Leave it to dry. In the meantime make a body Add hands and put the handle of magic wand in her hands. Leave it to dry. Once it’s dry, add black dots for...

Baby shoe

First tutorial I made is featured online! 😊

Fondant Tutoriels #2: how to castle towers

materials: RKT paper rolls vacuum cleaning, cooking paper, Cones ice, sugar paste

Fondant Tutoriels #1: Head Yoda

How to make a 3D standing Lorax cake tutorial

So, I’m no expert, I mostly make things up as I go along, but here’s how I made my lorax cake… I hope it helps someone and maybe give you the confidence to have a go at a standing cake if you haven’t yet, as this was my first. I used steel...

Sugarpaste Tutorials #2: Funky modern floral/pompom-like topper

Painted Fondant: Simple Roses

To create shabby looking roses quite easily, I find this technique of simple strokes to create that desired look to cakes and confections to work out great! I posted the steps on my blog: ...