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Teddy Bear topper tutorial

Video tutorial —>

Hellebore & Winterberry Holly Seasonal Buttercream Flower Wreath Cake tutorial (video)

Hi all, Looks like it’s well and truly winter here in the UK! Here’s my seasonal offering, a unique hellebore and Winterberry Holly buttercream flower wreath cake tutorial. Both of these are winter blooming, and can be seen around the place...

Wedding Flower Paste Gardenia Spray

I have three favorite go to flowers when I create wedding cakes and/or floral sprays, Roses, Peonies, and Gardenias. I have shown you how to create roses and peonies, it is time for the aromatic gardenia. The signature to the gardenia is both...

Inspired Lambeth Style Cookies

English royal icing over-piping has been around since the late 1800, the technique fell into the background in the late 80’s with the arrival and popularity of smooth fondant. The beauty of intricately piped details, scrolls and swags was...

Fondant Bear cake topper tutorial - from Masha and the Bear

New tutorial on my channel – I did the Bear as an addition to my Masha from last week. hope you will like it!

Buttercream Camomile Flower Wreath cake

Learn how to pipe tiny camomiles and hortensias and assemble a buttercream flower wreath cake.

Newt Scamander FANTASTIC BEASTS and Where to Find Them Fondant Cake Topper Tutorial Make a Newt Scamander FANTASTIC BEASTS and WHERE TO FIND THEM cake topper; then head on over to Francesca Sugar Art/ Delicious Sparkly Cakes to see how to make an AMERICAN CONGRESS OF MAGIC LOGO cake for him to...

Mouse topper tutorial

Video tutorial —>

Gelatin Art Cakes

An Amazing Gelatin Art Cake* Gelatin art desserts are made by preparing clear gelatin similar to Jell-o and drawing colorful shapes using a needle and a syringe. Clear gelatin can be flavored with any clear, non-greasy flavor and the...

Fondant weave basket photo tutorial

I have a tutorial in photos on my FB page: Thank you!