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A mother of two beautiful children who turned her hobby into her profession and isn't looking back!

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Sewing Machine Topper Tutorial

This topper actually went on a cupcake that went with a cake for a 70th birthday celebration. Below is a quick video I filmed while making the topper.

Eid Cupcake Platter Tutorial

I made this cupcake board for a close friend who is also my client. Its basically just cupcakes but when displayed on a decorated board takes it to another level. I used a 12’ board for 12 cupcakes but I would recommend a slightly bigger...

Spring Cake Tutorial

I made this cake for my birthday and just thought of filming as I went along. I hope the link works if not just leave me a comment below and I’ll take a look. The whole idea was actually an inspiration from the beautiful Cherry Blossoms down at...



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