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A mother of two beautiful children who turned her hobby into her profession and isn't looking back!

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Christmas Teddy Cupcakes

Ive been making these very Christmas season for Christmas orders or for my kids school teachers. They’re so adorable and cute and so easy to make.

Christmas Bow Cupcakes

While at a store with my kids and walking in the Christmas aisle I was just looking at these bows that we buy every year with our wrapping papers and ribbons. I stopped and had that weird ‘staring into space look’ while my mind was working out...

Meringue Christmas Trees

I just couldn’t wait to start on something Christmassy. I didn’t post these anywhere until Halloween was officially over. Now its my fav time of the year



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Thanks for the follow, Maria! I love your cakes and am following you too!

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Thank you!

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Thank you for the follow, Maria.
I’m following you back, looking forward to seeing your work 😊

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Thank you Clara!