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Name advice

Hi guys I am thinking of names for my baking business. Please give me ideas....

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How to price your cakes

How do you price your cakes? Would it be too expensive for a 10" chocolate...

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Have you ever wanted to tell a client "oh no not that style again"

Have got back from a meeting with a lovely couple who wanted to talk about...

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Feelings about copying others work?...

Well, myself personally, I think it’s ok as long as you don’t tell anyone...

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Edible Art by Sawsen


Green eyed monster

Hi all, A few things have happened this week, I just wanted to share some...

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Sally Jane Cake Design


Display cakes in bridal shops??

Hi all, a very smart new bridal shop has opened up in my village & I was...

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Business at home - How do you separate the ingredients expenses from business and home?

Hello! I have my business at home and I was wondering, for those who have...

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Karen Flude


Whats style is your business card?

Hello xx I’m running out of business cards and have a dilemma I’d like some...

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Future Pricing...

I have a question abut pricing thats been bugging me for a while and this is...

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Anyone good on Photoshop ?

Hello Trying to save an image with no background, but every time I save and...

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Cake and filling flavors catalog?

Hello everyone! I need your advice here. I’m re-arranging my cake and...

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Wendy Lynne


We need your Help +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*

Hello, Brief Introduction. We are a semi-established custom cake shop...

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Indecisive customers!

Good evening fellow cakers! I’m just wondering about common cake designing...

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Kendra Hicks


Advice Needed on Cake Replica of a Building

Recently, I’ve been presented with the biggest and most challenging...

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We can't call an Edible Image, well, an edible image?

Hi everyone I used to have a custom cake business for years and have now...

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Samantha Corey


rental fees spatial made cake stands?

I have to make a cake stand for a wedding cake. 12" tree stump. I want to...

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Janine Lister


Fake facebook account! HELP!

Hi, recently i got a message on facebook asking if i had seen a cake someone...

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Garden State Cake Show New Jersey

HI for the first time we have taken up a booth in Garden State Cake Show...

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Sally Jane Cake Design


Hygiene Certificate -- Retail or Catering?

Hi All, I’m hoping you can help. I’m looking into taking a Level 2 online...

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Becoming official/insured/protected baking cakes for others?

Hi all, I’ve been doing some cake making as a hobby for about a year, I’ve...