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Militar Cake

Hi everyone, this time the tutorial is about how to make a militar cake :) Do not forget to subscribe and like <3

Tutorials #1: Halloween Cake

Hi everyone! If you want to see the videotutorial for this cake, follow any of the links: Or instagram: @be_sweet_tutorials


Hi friends!! so happy to share my recipe of Carrot Cake! This is what I normally eat for breakfast! Thanks for watching and SUBSCRIBE to get notifications every time I post a video! Many hugs!

The wolf and the rabbit - figures from the animated film "Nu, pogodi !"

Hello, I’m not a professional decorator, but I decided to show you the way I made the wolf and rabbit figures from the animated film “Nu, pogodi !”. I’d be glad to help another amateur-decorator like me :) Nice day to all :)

Handmade dummy

Hi all, lovely peps! I was planning to make a three tier dummy cake, but I only had two styrofoam dummies. So I thought to do myself another one. I also think that a similar method could be used to enlarge or to extend dummies you already...

cake toppers tutorials #7: SUGAR DOLL(19 cm high)! 1 hour - not edited!

Hi friends!! I am so happy to share with you an easy way to make big sugar dolls fast and pretty. I hope it is useful for you.

Making flowers #6: Forget-Me-Not Flowers in Cold Porcelain with Oil Paint Toning Hi, everyone , I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the break of low season for cakes. In this tutorial I’m showing a very basic and yet the most common way to tone your cold porcelain...

How to make easy textures

Hi all, today I just wanted to play creating some new homemade textures for cakes. I was inspired on a video tutorial by my sweet friend Katherina Perez, of Super Fun Cakes and More. It was a lot of fun searching and finding common stuff, we...

Decorating cookies with sugar lace <3

Hi! here is a new tutorial :D where you can learn how to decorate a cookie using sugar lace, I hope you like it!! Do not forget suscribe and like &lt;3


Hey guys! Today I am sharing how I made this Venom inspired BLACK, yes that’s right, I said BLACK Cheese Pizza to celebrate the release of the movie! What do you think about this black cheese pizza?? Pretty crazy, right??