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Cake tutorials #1: Snooker Table cake

This was my first attempt at making a snooker table cake. It required more planning, and took much longer than I initially anticipated. I strongly advise drawing a plan before attempting this cake; the dimensions and overall finish of the cake...

Sugar STORK & BABY Cake Topper

Baby showers, christening and naming days are special days which require a sweet and cute looking cake. I want to share simple topper ideas time to time for these kind of purposes and today I’ll start with a stork and the baby. Pastillage...

Modelling paste tutorials #4: The making of minnie mouse

I always wanted to make minnie mouse but she proved quite difficult to make. She needs time and patience to do a good job, but I think she’s worth it with her cute polka dot dress and huge bow.

Modelling paste tutorials #3: The making of Eeyore

I made 4 characters from ‘Winnie the Pooh and friends’. Eeyore was definitely one of my favourites to make. I hope you find the tutorial useful.

Mickey Mouse Cake

I created this cake with fondant and buttercream. Full tutorial on my channel:

Sugarcraft: Materials , Techniques etc #11: MODENA Cold Porcelain Clay Detailed REVIEW Hello, everyone . This vid is to popular request. Hopefully it removes some confusion when buying and working with MODENA . Thanks for watching, please share it on your Social Media if you found it...

How to Make a FONDANT FACE: Short Curly Hair - Girl

I decided to experiment with adding curly hair to my latest fondant face creation. I also gave this face a slightly pouty mouth and added the eyebrows ever so slightly higher than normal in order to give the face a bit more expressive look. I...