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Crumbs in the Bakeroom #6: What Fondant Taught Me About Teamwork

We have all gone through the hardship of kneading the perfectly smooth fondant, right? Just this morning I got thinking of this analogy with regard to how fondant would behave depending on how you treat it. We have all tried and tested a recipe...

Been missing soooo much!!!

I can’t believe all the incredible cakes that I have missed out on over the last couple of weeks! Things have been hectic recently and I am really looking forward to catching up soon! Fabulous work out there!!!

how to make minnie cake topper fondant torta pasta di zucchero sugar paste

Fondant Cake Toppers #17: Fox Cake Topper - Tutorial

Interview #35: Jeanne Winslow of Jeanne Winslow Cake Design

1. How or why did you get started in cake decorating… was it by accident or did you always have a passion for it? Cake decorating was a happy accident for me. After the retail company I was working for went out of business in 2009, my...

A Walk On The Wild Side (sugar shoe collaboration)

I was honored to be part of this team of 36 International sugar artists, which I headed up, with a goal to create incredible edible shoes from various mediums! This team consisted of sugar artists with different levels of skill some of whom had...

pistils cherry blossom

Eeyore cake topper :)

How to make an Eeyore cake topper from Winnie the Pooh If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

How to make Masha out of fondant

This video has been requested many times, and here is it now!!!

How to make a clown (face tutorial)

link… vídeo1 – Vídeo2 – Vídeo3 –