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Sugar Pansy Cupcakes

Pansies always fascinated my grandma she loved Spring and all the beautiful blooming flowers. Last night my beloved grandma past away, she was 101 years old. She blessed me with amazing stories of her life, her optimistic outlook, and her...

"Rapunzel tutorial" series... #3: Feet...

Gluten Free Brownies

This is a recipe from my blog found here. Recipe Ever since having my son, who has multiple food allergies, I have ventured into gluten free and dairy free baking. The thought of gluten free has always seemed unappealing to me as I...

Fondant Parquet cake base

This is how I create my wooden flooring for my cake bases…. I hope it is of some help, and should anyone have any questions please ask away…if anyone makes use of it I would LOVE to see the results (either here or on facebook...

Do you double frost when decorating with buttercream?

Hi! I am trying to get a smooth finish on my buttercream cake and have heard you should double frost. Any opinions? I need to finish this cake tonight so any help would be great! Also, do you refrigerate between each application of buttercream?

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