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Cake Shows and Events...NEW!!

Hey all, at the end of the previous month, we were working hard to bring you new feature, which would make it easier for you to find a Cake Show or Event near your area. You can find the Beta Version here Once we are 100% satisfied with...

Valentine's Day buttercream flower cake TUTORIAL

Learn how to pipe variety of roses and create this heart shaped buttercream flower bouquet cake for Valentine’s Day celebration.

Free gum paste dusty miller tutorial

I have a free tutorial on how to make dusty millers with step-by-step photos on my FB page. Pls follow the link if you are interested! Thank you!

Moana: PUA the Pig Cake Topper Tutorial

See how to make Moana’s cute pet pig Pua as a fondant cake topper, for your Moana party!! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to be sure not to miss, how to make the next Sweet(!) cake topper! Psst it’s Baby Moana!!...

Snowman topper tutorial

Unicorn Heart Cake Tutorial

With so many Unicorn 🦄🌈 cakes going around I decided to try something different. Thanks to my daughter who made a cute little drawing which inspired me to turn it into cake. And with Valentine’s approaching soon I think this cake would be just...

3D Basket Tutorial

Os dejo el enlace para realizar un cesto de mimbre.

Teddy Bear topper tutorial

Video tutorial —>

Hellebore & Winterberry Holly Seasonal Buttercream Flower Wreath Cake tutorial (video)

Hi all, Looks like it’s well and truly winter here in the UK! Here’s my seasonal offering, a unique hellebore and Winterberry Holly buttercream flower wreath cake tutorial. Both of these are winter blooming, and can be seen around the place...

Wedding Flower Paste Gardenia Spray

I have three favorite go to flowers when I create wedding cakes and/or floral sprays, Roses, Peonies, and Gardenias. I have shown you how to create roses and peonies, it is time for the aromatic gardenia. The signature to the gardenia is both...