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Fondant flowers tutorial

Hi friends. Here we are our fondant flowers tutorial. English subtitles available! Subscribe to our channel >>

Fondant Bunting Cake Topper Tutorial | How to Make DIY Gumpaste Cake Bunting 3 Ways

Welcome to my tutorial. In this tutoriaI I demonstrate how to make 2 fondant / gumpaste cake topper designs and how to set out and attach fondant bunting to the side of a cake. I demonstrate and talk you through each design step by step. ...

Cake Decorating Basics: Chocolate Ganache / Buttercream | Ice a Cake & Board with Fondant Tutorial

Welcome to my Cake Decorating Basics How to Prepare a Cake tutorial. Making a cake look great is all about the preparation of your cake. This starts with the base you give yourself to work with. A cake that has a great base will always look...

How To Pipe Buttercream Roses | Cake decorating for beginners | Thalias Cakes

Click Link below to watch Step by step tutorial ! <3 Enjoy!

Minnie Mouse Cake | Cake Decorating for beginners | Thalias Cakes

Click The Link Below to Watch Step by step Cake Tutorial! Enjoy! <3

Dumbo Cake Topper | How to Make Dumbo the Elephant Step by Step Tutorial | Gumpaste Fondant Sugar

Hi welcome to my tutorial demonstrating how to make a Dumbo the Elephant Cake Topper. In this tutorial I demonstrate step by step how I made Dumbo with Gumpaste (modelling paste). This character looks great on top of a cake and you can also...