Silent Cake Decorating Blogs

Sugarflowers #1: Cherry blossoms

Pretty blossoms in spring.

Cake tutorials #2: Frozen two tier cake tutorial

Frozen two tier cake with flat decorations – Elsa and Olaf. If you like it and want to see more videos like that please subscribe to my youtube channel :)

Acts of Green - UNSA 2016 #2: Acts of Green - Help raise funds!

We are supporting the National Geographic Societies Young Explorers and Conservation programs and we have incredible prizes to help raise funds. “Purchase” tickets at You will receive confirmation of your ticket...

Cookies! #1: Dragged heart, Stacked cookie, and Pokemon Luv Disc Valentine's cookies!


Cupcakes! #4: Nintendo controller cupcakes!


Cupcakes! #3: Deadpool strawberry red-velvet cupcakes!


Cupcakes! #2: Green Shamrock cupcakes with a chocolate mint filling!


Cupcakes! #1: Superman v Batman cupcakes!


Treat pops! #2: Super Mario 'Piranha plants' cake pops!


Treat pops! #1: Zootopia rice crispy treats!