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Halloween jello eye!

Hi! I made somethign a little bit different than a cake, I hope you will like my jello eye, I think it is perfect for upcoming Halloween. Subscribe to my channel for more tutorials like this:)...

Home made Sugar Lace part 2

Sugar Lace – How to dry,release from the mat and store.

Sugar Lace Video Tutorial

The method is in the video on my youtube channel: This is a recipe that I adapted off a blog. Sugar lace is so popular and trendy at the moment that I could not resist feeling inspired and wanting to share what worked so well for me :) I did...

Cake decorating and baking business

Hello. I am wondering how profitable the cake decorating and baking business is for those of you who own and operate your own businesses? Can you make a decent living on just that? Also how do you get started and build your business? Thanks!

Handcrafted Cold Porcelain Flowers #8: Sunflower Lantern

Handcrafted Cold Porcelain Flowers #7: Red Roses for the Weekend


NO FAIL EGG REPLACER: FLOUR+ MILK + BAKING POWDER Since I started my journey of baking, I am searching for best egg replacer, tried with all egg replacer but not happy with the results. Slowly I stopped taking eggless orders. Most of...

Recipes by Purbaja B #2: TRADITIONAL POUND CAKE

Whipped cream creations

I am in love with whipped cream cakes n now there is a reason to be haapy as i am getting good finish. Not perfect but i am happy with the outcome.😊