Silent Cake Decorating Blogs

How To Make It Start To Finish | Fast and Fun! #1: How To Make A Fun Party Cake

I’ll show you how to make this absolutely fun and delicious loaded candy cake FAST AND FUN! Everything from leveling the cakes to boxing it up. Covers leveling, filling, crumb coating, frosting, making your own cake board, and an easy way to make...

How to Make Sugar SUCCULENTS - LITHOPS: Modeling Chocolate, NO CUTTERS and NO MOLDS

The sugar succulents in this tutorial are great for both cake and cupcake decorating and are fully edible. Since you are using modeling chocolate, they taste great as well. There are roughly three stages to this tutorial, the first is shaping the...

Tsum Tsum fondant cake toppers tutorial


Sugarcraft: Materials , Techniques etc #8: GUMPASTE: Common Questions, Q&A Hiya varying the theme of TIP TUESDAY on my Youtube Channel, the next 10 weeks ( or 10 entries, at any rate, as I’m bound to slack a week or two!) , will be all...

McQueen cake and airbrush painting

QUick Tutorial how to cover a car cake and paint it by airbrush