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CakesDecor Theme: Wedding Cakes - Part 4

Another collection of stunning wedding cakes from CakesDecor, I just love this theme! Wedding Cakes: Part 5 coming soon…

Fondant cake tutorials #3: Darth Vader cake tutorial

Here’s a tutorial for Darth Vader cake. First, cut blue fondant circle (I’ve used my cake ring) to be the bottom, (I did that ‘cause my cake was iced with whipping cream. You can do this, or you can put the image directly on the cake if it’s...

CakeDecorPros News! We're reducing the price by 50%!

On, we are switching from monthly billing to yearly billing on all Premium Listings. As a bonus we’re also reducing the price by 50%. The old price was $4.99 per month and the new price is $29 per year. That’s less than $2.50...

Fuchsias flower tutorial

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Simple Syrup Option

Hi, bakers…this is not an actual tutorial, but more a tip regarding the addition of simple syrup to your cakes. If you are in a big hurry, or simply forgot to make your syrup ahead of time, you can use the syrup that comes in canned fruits –...

Enchanting Brush Embroidery Sugar Cookie Plaque

I adore the little plaque cookies they are extremely versatile, and what better cake decorating technique than tone on tone brush embroidery? The finished design is elegantly suitable for hanging (except that it is edible). The plaque cookies...

Human being proportion

Easy Triple Colour Piping Technique

View the image full size: Check out our blog post for the full range of equipment used and a video guide:

How i make cake skirt for the wedding cake or any other.

Hello every one , i made this video to show how i make cake skirt out of fondant. TFL.

Buttercream Ombre Ruffles

I like taking things that are done in fondant, and creating the look and feel in buttercream. This weekend, I worked on this cake and I thought I’d share the process. The cake shown is has a 9" base and 6" top. First I set up 6 containers to...