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Eggless Baking with Purbaja B #2: CHOCOLATE WACKY CAKE

Supernatural Inspired Candy Melt Dipped Apples!


marbled effect on wafer paper

Mix together blue and black colour powder with wodka. Gently but quickly, dip a wafer paper sheet into the mix. Cut out shapes you desire. Model while steaming:

“First day of school”

ONE STROKE ART, How to hand paint beautiful roses on cakes

Learn how to paint roses on fondant cakes with edible colours in my new video on my new youtube-channel : Video Part II (How to paint on fondant with edible powder colors)...

DIY cake stand

Unfortunately is the video only in german, but I hope you can still understand it.

fondant tutorials #5: Sheep cake topper

Hello everybody It’s the Adha Feast for Muslims all around the world …. Eid Mubarak May Allah bless you all if you liked my video please subscribe for more content, and i’ll be happy if you shared the videos with your friends ….. love to...

Star Trek 50 - Cake Celebration

Welcome to Star Trek 50 – Cake Celebration! The first regular episode (“The Man Trap”) of Star Trek: The Original Series aired on Thursday, September 8th, 1966. Precisely 50 years ago! To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise, a...


Hi everyone! I’m so excited to finally share my first video tutorial which is now available to watch on YouTube! I’ll be uploading new tutorials as often as I can, so be sure...

Star Trek 50 - Cake Celebration

There are precisely 50 years was shown the first regular episode of the original series of Star Trek! To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the saga, a group of cake designers and sugar artists from around the world joined creating edible pieces...