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Cake Pricing #1: How to Price your Cakes and Make a Living! “Snippet of the blog post: Quite often people are a little surprised about how much a cake can really cost, and I see countless posts online completely missing...

Sugar Flowers #7: Making flowers with COLD PORCELAIN if all you know is GUM PASTE!

I have a new video, it’s a quick rundown on how I use Cold Porcelain for making flowers, being primarily, a sugar artist. I tried to pick up on the main differences between the two pastes. One of these roses on the pic is Cold Porcelain and one...

Luxurious chocolate icing (hybrid)

I’ve created a wonderfully delicious dark chocolate icing… I’m a night owl and do some of my best thinking at night, after everyone else is asleep. It’s both a blessing and a cursing, really. Sometimes, my body fights desperately with my...

Pineapple/Tropical Macarons Tutorial

Learn how to make these adorable pineapple and tropical themed macarons – perfect for any event! For my macarons, I used a basic recipe and flavoured it with banana cream. I filled the shells with chocolate whipped cream, it was a delicious...

Isomalt #1: How to cook Isomalt Crystal Clear

Hi Guys, I made a short video – how to cook Isomat Crystal Clear using Saracino Isomalt. Check it out ;) hope it helps

Snow white doll cake tutorial

Here is link to free snow white doll cake tutorial

50 000 members!!

Woohoo, we’ve reached 50 000 members today! What a great number it is. Thank you all for joining CakesDecor, for sharing your cakes, tutorials and advices in our forums. It’s you, who make this community special. THANK YOU!

Hand Painted Royal Icing Sweet Pea Cookie 🌸🌱🖌️🎨

I love painting on icing, and Sweet Pea flowers with their fragile, fluted, ruffled edges make them an astounding flower to hand paint on cookies and/or cakes! I will show you my method for how I Hand Paint Royal Icing Sweet Pea Cookies!

Bulldog Cake Tutorial

Meet Biff The Bulldog!! 😊🐶 FREE step-by-step video tutorial for this cake available on my YouTube Channel:

Cake TUTORIALS in RUSSIAN: #3: МК Листик из Сахара без каттера