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Location: Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK

Hi, I'm Laura :)

I'm a Photographer and self-taught Award Winning Cake Artist from Hertfordshire, UK, and at the age of 21, I'm so happy to have learnt a new skill so early on in my life. I first discovered Cake Decorating in 2012 after watching the american TV shows, Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss. After making my first cake for my 19th birthday, I never wanted to stop learning... it's been an obsession ever since!

I love to admire the outstanding talent here on CakesDecor, I always look forward to seeing more of everyone's incredible creations!! - It's such an honour to be a part of a lovely community of highly skilled people!!

Features & Awards:

- Cake Central Magazine: Volume 4 issue 1 -
- Cake Central Magazine: Volume 4 issue 6 -
- Cake Central Magazine: Volume 4 issue 7-
- Cake Central Magazine: Volume 5 issue 2 -
- Cake Central Magazine: Volume 5 issue 3 -
- Cake Central Magazine: Volume 5 issue 4 -

- Wedding Cakes: A Design Source: Issue 51
- Wedding Cakes: Issue 53

- ACDN - Cake! Magazine

- Cake Masters Magazine
COVER Feature - Sept 2014

- Cake Masters Magazine
Cake International Feature - Jan 2015

SILVER AWARD - Cake International
London 2014

GOLD AWARD - Cake International
Birmingham 2014

Laura Loukaides -



Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Welcome to CakesDecor Laura! I amazed at the talent you have, and at such a young age!! The photography of your cakes is also amazing!! I can’t wait to see more of your work!!

Laura Loukaides ...

Oh wow, Thank you so much!!

- Laura x

Roseann ...

Laura, thank you for your lovely comment. I am in love with your perfectly clean work and am honored to have received such a compliment from you.

Laura Loukaides ...

Wow, Thank you so so much!!

- Laura x

artetdelicesbym ...

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Laura Loukaides ...

Thank you so much!! x

Jelena ...

Wow such talent! Thanks for sharing your work :-)

Laura Loukaides ...

Awhh thank you so much!! Xx

Michelle Keel ...

Thanks Laura, you’re xnot too far from me either!

The Beverley Way Collection, Beverley Way Designs USA ...

Neat, neat, neat! You have such cool stuff! Thanks for the kind welcome as well. I’m looking forward to being here. So much amazing talent on here.

Mommy Sue ...

Hello Laura! from your newest follower – Mommy Sue. I really like your cakes they are all perfect and very neat! i love it! :)

Wesh ArtsLab ...


Lesley Wright ...

Laura, I’m a massive fan of yours too! I was talking with some of the girls in my class this weekend about you! x

Laura Loukaides ...

Oh wow, Thank you so so much Lesley!!
You truly are an amazing Cake Artist, I LOVE your work!! Xx

Cakes by Julia Lisa ...

Brilliant tutorial, thank you x