Laura Loukaides is a self-taught, multi gold award-winning cake artist from Hertfordshire, UK. She made her first cake in 2012 for her 19th birthday and hasn’t looked back since! Laura’s realistically sculpted cakes and tutorials have been featured in many international newspapers, magazines and blogs including Cake Masters Magazine, American Cake Decorating Magazine, Party Cakes Magazine, Cake Style and Daily Mail Online.

Since 2012 Laura has won multiple awards for her work including 12 gold awards at Cake International, one of the Cake Masters Top 10 Cake Artists in 2017, best “all you can eat” cake for the My Baker Awards in 2018, and has had her cakes featured on the cover of 9 industry leading cake decorating magazines including Cake Masters.

Free cake tutorials available on Laura's YouTube Channel:


Welcome to CakesDecor Laura! I amazed at the talent you have, and at such a young age!! The photography of your cakes is also amazing!! I can’t wait to see more of your work!!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Oh wow, Thank you so much!!

- Laura x

Laura Loukaides -

Laura, thank you for your lovely comment. I am in love with your perfectly clean work and am honored to have received such a compliment from you.

Roseann, Long Island,

Wow, Thank you so so much!!

- Laura x

Laura Loukaides -

Thank you so much!! x

Laura Loukaides -

Wow such talent! Thanks for sharing your work :-)

Jelena, Perth West Australia

Awhh thank you so much!! Xx

Laura Loukaides -

Thanks Laura, you’re xnot too far from me either!

Scrummy Mummy's Cakes, Almondsbury,

Neat, neat, neat! You have such cool stuff! Thanks for the kind welcome as well. I’m looking forward to being here. So much amazing talent on here.

Beverley Way,,