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Location: Michigan

I studied art at McMaster University, Canada and also hold a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Economics, both from Brock University, Canada. Also, I attended Mohawk College Canada for additional business studies.

I started designing wedding cakes shortly after I got married in 1994. The reason I got into it was that, at that time we had a bit of a challenge finding a cake style that I liked. Once we did choose a cake, we had a bakery create it and then I added all the surrounding flowers and other embellishments myself. It was shortly thereafter that I decided I could probably design cakes myself so I taught myself the techniques required from various books and initially made a few cakes for relatives to 'hone' my skills.

In 1995, I founded my own company, Beverley Way Designs Incorporated, USA, of which I am president and CEO. It was incorporated in 2008, as an organization focused on global sales and marketing of cake concepts, templates, patterns, and instructions. The company is currently comprised of the following two online divisions: The Beverley Way Collection Wedding Cakes and The International Celebration Cake Galleria, which are platforms developed to provide do-it-yourself decorative icing ideas and instructions for easy download. Purchase...Print...Create!

I have also authored the following paperbacks and am concept artist and leader for numerous business projects which are currently under development. My books can be found on and many other on-line book retailers. These are:

I) ELEGANT DREAM WEDDING CAKES; A Collection of Memorable Small Cake Designs, Instruction Guide 1 (2013) - available in full color, or in a value priced black and white print version.
II) WEDDING CAKES; The Beverley Way Collection, Book 1 (2010)
III) WEDDING CAKES; The Beverley Way Collection, Book 2 (2009)

All books are additionally available for reading on Kindle and electronic reading devices. Some of my cake designs have also been featured in fine wedding and bridal magazines abroad.

Additionally, I have authored a number of cake collar and royal icing lace instructional booklets, which are found on our site.

Please note: We are also looking for creative cake artists that might be interested in selling their own cake, cake collar and icing work designs via our site. You would provide the design and description of instructions, and we will compile and sell your design as a download or booklet, in the same kind of format as ours. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested and we'll tell you how it works.

Our divisions are as follows:

Division 1: The Beverley Way Collection WEDDING CAKES,, is focused on sales and marketing of fine, elegant, elite wedding cake concepts, templates, patterns, and instructions worldwide. This company division provides a growing selection of re-creatable wedding cake ideas from the very small and simple, to the jaw-dropping multi-tiered wedding cake. Designs by Beverley Way and international artists around the world are to be featured. Instructions to all designs posted are available for purchase and immediate download, 24hrs.

Division 2: The International Celebration Cake Galleria,, is focused on global sales and marketing of concepts, templates, patterns and instructions for all cake themes and occasions. This company division will provide an extensive selection of re-creatable celebration cake ideas designed by artists around the world. Instructions to all designs posted are available for purchase and immediate download, 24hrs.

Enjoy viewing the company's current and upcoming collections, and keep a watch for new Beverley Way Design products!




jchuck ...

Hey Beverly
Amazing….. Amazing cake. Your in Michigan now, but you must have been raised near my neck of the woods. I’m in Burlington now, but was born & raised in Hamilton, On. :o)

BeverleyWayDesigns ...

I was, just south of Hamilton. Thank you for the comment! This is a really neat site.

Cakes ROCK!!! ...

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my cakes. I am so flattered! Thank you for providing the information on your amazing website. I glanced at it for only 2 seconds & had several “OMG!”’s out loud! I am definitely going to be checking out those patterns & templates. Your creativity & concepts are so fresh & unique. Absolutely fantastic! I feel fortunate to have made contact with you today!

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop ...

Thanks for such a lovely message Beverley on my profile page and all the lovely comments on my cakes! Love the cake you posted today and look forward to seeing more! =D

Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Thank you for lovely comment on my profile page, Beverley! Your cakes are amazing! I am going to check your website too!xoxo

Marlene - CakeHeaven ...

Hi Beverley, thanks for the beautiful comment you left on my profile. I have checked the sits you mentioned in your profile and your work is amazing. I will be following your work on Cakes Decor, looking forward to seeing more of your cakes!!!!

allwaysjulez ...

Wow… you work is just OVERWHELMINGLY fantastic…but inspiring at the same time.

Lisa Salerno ...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my r2d2 cake x look forward to seeing more of your fab cakes in the future xx Lisa

Vanessa ...

Thankyou very much for your comments on my cakes. Your work really is amazing. I cannot believe after looking at your cakes that you have pinned my castle cake. Thankyou!!!