Michal Bulla

1000 Cakes Milestone 11

I just wanted to thank you all for reaching the milestone of 1000 cakes in that short period. I’m very excited with the site grow and I think we will create large community of cake/cupcake/cookies decorators and baking enthusiasts. Enjoy the...

Michal Bulla

You know you're a cake decorator, if ... 119

You know you’re a cake decorator if: 1. You are looking at a Gucci handbag in the store and you are thinking “how the hell could I do a cake like this”. Let’s hear yours :)

Chevron Stripes? 5

I’m looking for a detailed tutorial on how to make fondant chevron stripes on a cake like in the image below. I get the general gist of how to do it, but I’d love to see the process in a tutorial to see how they keep everything lined up well. ...

Staying fresh when decorating for a long time 1

Hi everyone, I am new to this site but love reading all the posts and looking at all the amazing cakes. I am hoping people might be able to give me an answer to this question I have. When making a cake that is a large/complex project that will...

Is this the right thing to do? 5

Hello Everyone, I am a stay at home mom and recently moved from Maryland to Texas. I want to start a cake business from home. But since I just moved here I have no friends/family, who can help spread the word. I was thinking if I should bake and...

Wanderlust Cakes

Where to find decorating supplies in the USA (West Coast)?? 0

I’ve already posted this topic on CakeCentral, so sorry if you’ve already seen this there. >>> Hi all you lovely Cake fairies! I am going on a road trip to the USA (Los Angeles – San Francisco) in May. YAY!!! And I am trying to...

Francesca's Smiles

silhouette cameo 0

hi ! im sure this is an old issue.. but … im planning to purchase a silhouette cameo.. from what ive googled… the blade that goes with it couldnt cut gumpaste… what kind of blade can i use, and can i use my own gumpaste recipe or do i really have...

Dessert By Design (Krystle)

Cake decorating parties 7

Hey everyone! So my daughters 12th birthday just passed and for her party she invited over 4 friends and we all decorated cakes together. Each girl got a 6" round, 3" high cake already ganached. We started with a cake design on paper then I...

Raewyn Read Cake Design

CakeBomb at the Cake & Bake Show! 9

At the start of April an amazing group of talented and fabulous folk got together and created an Edible Display like no other! With a theme of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ the team created an awesome array of plants, birds, animals and idols! ...

SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa

Tips for using Airbrush 16

I´ve just bought Cassie Brown´s Airbrush and I never used one. Can anyone tell me some tips please? Thank you! Arantxa SweetKOKEKO

Michal Bulla

Do you listen to music while decorating? If so, what kind? 33

I was wondering If you listen to music while decorating? I usually listen to soft and relaxing music while working in my office. It helps me to concentrate and relax at the same time. My favorite are Dido, Emeli Sande, Lana Del Rey, Pink Floyd....

Michal Bulla

What would you do, If you don't need money for living? 54

I was just wondering what would you do If you don’t need money for living? What is your Dream Job? I’m pretty sure that there are many of you who would quit their daily jobs right away, but there are many of you who like what they are doing for...


Look at this! 21

I don’t now of you have see this but it is a whole different cake decorating! Is it cake decorating?? Well it is nice to see :-)


New to the site Hello everyone 3

Hello to all. I am new to this site and cannot wait to explore all it has to offer. I look forward to making new cake friends. Sharing my work and learning from you all.

Extending and expanding! 2

Hi, I want to get my cakes out there but I don’t want to set up a shop/store. Which methods have worked for all you amazing bakers and decorators? Word has spread. Friends of friends contact me now so things are progressing, slowly. I have a...

Cake Chic3

Pastillage Recipe? 8

I would like feedback on a pastillage a recipe as to how it handles.Yener’s way gives good advice on working with pastillage and has a great Recipe for pastillage which consists of Gelatine,Icing sugar mix ,Water,Glucose and Cream of tartar. I ...

Michelle Chan

Hello everyone!!! I'm a new member! :-) 21

After working in a pharmaceutical company for 15 loyal years, I decided to quit my job to be a stay-at-home mum to my 3 kids in Jan 2012. It was by my husband’s suggestion to bake my youngest daughter’s 1st birthday cake in that January itself...

James at Topperoo

Hello, and how I can support the community... 0

Hi all – I’m James. Although not a cake decorator by trade, I have a lot to bring to the CakesDecor community since building a business in edible image printing in 2011. I’ve noticed a lot of frustrated posts around using edible printing with...

Costa Cupcake Company

Hiya Newbie here ! 15

Hi I’m Tracey-ann from Hadleigh in Essex I’m self taught and started my business this year ! Looking to find cakey bakey friends who feel my pain at 1am when I’m still up and awake baking to get perfection ! I just did my first wedding fayre on...


I'm Kay I don't bake but... 25

Hello! I don’t bake nor cook. I am a graphic artist and a nurse, but I just discovered I could successfully make figures out of fondant or gumpaste. One day I played with it in the kitchen and did a hello kitty while Mom is away. My mom is the...