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Hi, I am Bekah, head baker at Rebekah Naomi Cake Design in Montclair Virginia. Cake making is my passion, my first ever cake was my own Wedding Cake in 2009! Since then, I've been steadily making cakes for friends. family and loved ones until I finally took the plunge and opened my own business 1 year ago.

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Hi Bekah’ glad to have discovered your cakes xxx looking forward to more creations


Thank you:-) that’s so kind of you. Ill be checking out your cakes too!

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Your work is excellent!!!! You have a new follower……

-- Sweet Fantasy by Anastasia

Thanks sweetfantasy by Anastasia. :-)

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I love your ribbon technique that you incorporate into your cakes it is wonderful!

-- Kristyne & Sofia

Thanks tiny tastes

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Hi there Cakelicious! Lovely work you do, sooo here’s a new follower for you from Spain!!

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Great job! you have a new follower from spain!

-- Florence Devouge, Barcelona,

thanks Delicut cakes and Florence Devouge

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BEAUTIFUL cakes!! Now following because I just can’t wait to see more! xx

-- Kristy, Texas -

Thanks Kosmic Custom Cakes :-)

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Hey Rebekah, thanks for the following. Your cakes are amazing. Following you back :).


Thank you so much following your work is so beautiful <33333333

-- Dubey Cakes

Thank you :-) your cakes are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more :-)

-- Vanessa