Iā€™m Kristyne and I am the previously the owner of Tiny Tastes...Now co-owner of The Sweet Duchess a custom cake and confectionary in East Meadow, NY.

Myself and my business partner Sofia (previously of Potion Cupcakes); joined together to create our new company and expand into a store front.

I started cake decorating in 2010 after my youngest sister asked me if I could make her a birthday cake. My first cake got me hooked on cake decorating. I had just finished attending art school at the time and found a wonderful medium to play with. I put my love for cooking and baking and mixed it with my art experience and it became the start of my new adventure.

Sofia is also from an art background, in fashion design and interior design. Her grandmother and grandfather were also bakers and owned a bakery for almost their entire life, her mother eventually followed along and than so did she. Guess it's in the blood!

We are very lucky and gracious to be doing what we love everyday; we look forward to continuing to grow The Sweet Duchess in size and in skill.


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