My real name is Danielle but every one calls me Daantje!
I am living with husband and daugther in Purmerend/ the netherlands .
Love to make cakes <3 <3

Daantje xxx


Daniella, thank you for commenting on my handcrafted bling shoe.

Xclusive, HTTP://

Thank you so much, dear Danielle, for stopping by and leaving such a warm message! I appreciate this so much!

Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,

Danielle, HUGE CONGRATS in Cake Decorator of the week !!!

Dina @ miettes,

O, Danielle, CONGRATULATIONS on beeing the Cake Decorator of the Week! Such an exiting news! So happy for you! You well deserve it! Your cake creations are just GORGEOUS!!!

Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,

So happy to see you’re Cake Decorator of the week! Well deserved Danielle, congratulations! :-) <3

Barbara @Sweet Janis, http:/

Oooh thank you so much Dina,Gulnaz and Barbara xxx
I was soo busy these days helping my parents in law to move that i see this suprise now!
Thank you cakesdecor much appreciated !!

greetings Daantje

Congratulations Daantje on being cake decorator of the week! So happy for you! Your cakes are so lovely!!!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Daantje, congratulations for being Cake Decorator of the Week!!!!! Well deserved!!!


Marlene - CakeHeaven