Karen Dodenbier


Karen Dodenbier

Jan 2013 3,605 Sliedrecht, The Netherlands

In April 2009 I was hit with the baking bug and since then have not stopped! I enjoy the decorating side more than the baking side! For me it is a relaxing hobby and I thoroughly enjoy creating something from nothing!! Modelling is my favourite and with time I have taught myself to improve and be challenged!

-- K@rEn -- www.facebook.com/dutchcakes


Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Welcome to CakesDecor! Your cakes are amazing!!

Karen Dodenbier

Thank you whitecrafty! I only discovered this wonderful site two days ago! Lovely to see all the wonderful creations that come by! An inspiration to all!


I do know your cakes already Karen from DLT but it"s nice to see you here to!

Karen Dodenbier

Daantje…When I saw the name Daantje I knew it was Dutch! I am not very good with remembering names on the DLT site! But your cakes I do remeber coming across! Very beautiful! I only discovered this site 3 days ago and I am enjoying seeing other peoples work! Hope we can stay cake friends here on CD!


I love your cakes! Your modeled people are so adorable! What do you use to model them?

Karen Dodenbier

Thanks Jessicakestexas! I use half gum paste half fondant to do my modelling! If I don’t have gum paste in house then I use fondant with tylose added! I find that the gumpaste makes the fondant more pliable!

Viorica Dinu

Your cakes are amazing !

Karen Dodenbier

Thank you Viorica Dinu! As are your!

Cláudia Oliveira

I admire your work too, Karen!
Loved find you here!

Karen Dodenbier

Thank you Claudia. Nice to see you here on CD too!

AWG Hobby Cakes

thank you for your lovely commment on my camera

AWG Hobby Cakes

thank you for your lovely commment on my camera .. I know yours would be perfect – your work is flawless xxx (luckily this one was pretty straight forward and plain)


dank je wel voor de terug volg en jeetje wat heb jij een hoop kunstwerken staan zeg ik heb even zitten genieten

Karen Dodenbier

Dank je wel! Ik doe het nu al 5 jaar!

The Little Cake Company

Hey- thanks for the follow! Your work is AMAZING! Following back :) karen