In April 2009 I was hit with the baking bug and since then have not stopped! I enjoy the decorating side more than the baking side! For me it is a relaxing hobby and I thoroughly enjoy creating something from nothing!! Modelling is my favourite and with time I have taught myself to improve and be challenged!


Welcome to CakesDecor! Your cakes are amazing!!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Thank you whitecrafty! I only discovered this wonderful site two days ago! Lovely to see all the wonderful creations that come by! An inspiration to all!

K@rEn --

I do know your cakes already Karen from DLT but it"s nice to see you here to!

greetings Daantje

Daantje…When I saw the name Daantje I knew it was Dutch! I am not very good with remembering names on the DLT site! But your cakes I do remeber coming across! Very beautiful! I only discovered this site 3 days ago and I am enjoying seeing other peoples work! Hope we can stay cake friends here on CD!

K@rEn --

I love your cakes! Your modeled people are so adorable! What do you use to model them?

Thanks Jessicakestexas! I use half gum paste half fondant to do my modelling! If I don’t have gum paste in house then I use fondant with tylose added! I find that the gumpaste makes the fondant more pliable!

K@rEn --

Your cakes are amazing !

viorica's cakes

I admire your work too, Karen!
Loved find you here!

Thank you Claudia. Nice to see you here on CD too!

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